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Getting Hired In a Call Center

Are you a college undergrad looking for a part-time job? Or maybe you already a graduate, but fresh from the academe and having a hard time getting that job which is in line of your education? No matter what you’ve been doing, or what you’ve studied in college, as long as you have excellent communication skills in English, can work on your own with minimal supervision, willing to work in shifting schedules, weekend and holidays, and open to some radical change in life, worry not. Because you can still dump that resume in an HR mailbox, and have it land where not only the compensation sounds too good to be true, but the career path looks promising. As a call center agent:

Make an Impressive Resume
Of course, just like in any other job applications, you would want to make a good impression. What a good way to start doing so is by making a sound and impressive resumé. This may seem easy – because all you have to do is put in all the necessary information in a piece of paper, right? Thing is, there is a better way of writing one. If you are a fresh graduate and doesn’t have any work experience yet, you would want to put in you educational background right after your basic information. However, if you already have work experiences, especially in relation to picking up and answering the phone and interaction with clients, the you may want to put it right after your basic information. That way, it would be easier for the human resource people to evaluate the position they would want you to consider.

Dress Up A Bit
Although call center people normally go with casual fashion, opt for some smart casual attire during your application. Remember that you are not yet a part of the team. Albeit the discomfort of wearing collared shirts and slacks in this weather, just think about the possible outcome of your dress-up.

Bring the Right Attitude
So you have printed an impressive resumè, and you’re wearing your best smart casual attire freshly ironed. The only other thing that you have to bring with you is enough confidence. Once your name is called, just relax and be yourself. Answer all the questions promptly and look at the interviewer’s eye as you speak. Just a tip: even if you are applying in an industry where everybody seems to be so good at speaking in English, it’s okay to lose your grammar senses, so don’t be nervous. There will be voice and accent training before you take that actual call from the American customer, so you’ll be grammar-ready by then.

All set? Good luck!

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