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Hiring Undergraduates in Call Center

The call center industry is one of the few professional industries that provide opportunities of employment for college undergraduates. The reason is quite simple. Certain professional positions in a call center company do not really require a college degree.

The English communication skill of an applicant is what is important. Moreover, potential agents anyway would still undergo intensive and rigorous training in order to prepare them for actual work. Secondly, a college degree is not necessarily the key to success but education is. And with the advances of information technology, which made knowledge easily accessible to anyone through the internet, a person can gain knowledge and learn skills on his own without necessarily going to a formal educational institution to get a degree.

This is not to say however that a college degree is not necessary anymore to get employment in the call center industry. On the contrary, most companies still prefer college graduates than undergraduates because a diploma is an evidence of one’s maturity to finish a course, a reflection of someone with a potential and an accepted proof that one is assumed to be socially and mentally developed and fit for professional work.

A potential employer therefore would have greater inclination to have confidence towards a college graduate than an undergraduate. This is especially through for call center positions that may require certain technical specializations. For tech support positions, for instance, most companies would prefer IT graduates than undergraduates.

However, for outbound sales agents, an undergraduate applicant might suffice so long as one has the relevant skills such as persuasiveness, people oriented attitude, resilience, and patience to do the job, which are attributes that may be innate to a person or are developed through experience and not necessarily through a securing of a college degree.

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  1. Geraldyn Pacudan Reply

    i am very much interested to worked in your company and worked in night shift schedule. I am taking Bachelor of Arts, majoring English, but unfortunately i didn’t able to finished my second semester of my 4th year level because of financial reasons… i am Geraldyn Pacudan, 27 years old and residing in Monkayo, Comval Province.
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  2. 15/01/04

    I am a 42 year old full time mom, but i want to work as a call center agent, am i still qualified?

  3. albert Reply

    im a 3rd year college an IT student residing in tacloban city ,,,i willing to work in tacloban city even in graveyard shifting

  4. Jecel fernandez Reply

    Hi please i need a job. I just came back from dubai last week. I really need a job.

  5. april mae pueyo Reply

    i want to apply as a call center agent.im a first year Bachelor of Secondary Education( major in English) now,am i qualified ?

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