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Hit Rate Solutions

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Hit Rate Solutions is a US-based call center company that caters small and medium-sized businesses to optimize their operational costs, improve business performance and expand their market. The company was founded with the objective of assisting businesses avail the true benefits of outsourcing by reducing labor costs and spurring market growth without need for additional costs.

Hit Rate Solutions provides all the conventional call center outsourcing services. Outbound Telemarketing refers to the proactive market penetration campaign and lead generation solutions that delivers business to business sales and appointment setting through effective cold calling and prospecting as well as Chiropractic Telemarketing. Inbound Telemarketing pertains to translating customer queries to sales, order taking, upselling and cross selling. Appointment Setting is the generation and scheduling of personalized sales presentations. Customer Service pertains to a broad range of improving customer interaction to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Virtual Assistants pertains to provision of assistants that effectively delivery administrative services such as clerical and administrative works remotely without the need for additional regular personnel.

Virtual assistance is provided in practically all types of support office functions from data entry, transcription, appointment setting, email management, report and presentation preparation, article preparation and editing, calendar management, and phone answering among others. Specialized virtual assistants are also provided by Hit Rate Solutions for real estate and insurance business. Real Estate Virtual Assistants perform activities like list gathering, SEO, form completion, drip marketing campaigns, transaction coordination, virtual tours and even customer call backs and follow ups. Live Chat Services is the delivery of outsourcing services via real time chat.

Data Entry Services involves digitalization of data, and data transcriptions. Information Technology services included web design and development, SEO and online marketing. Security Monitoring is the provision of security protection to online data. CRM Data Management included contact and data validation. Market Research pertains to assistance with web research and the conduct of market surveys for understanding the market for penetration or expansion.

Hit Rate Solutions maintains three core values that distinguishes its services from others namely, competence, affordability and transparency. Competence is achieved by hiring on college degree holders and professionals that under rigid skills training in customer service, tech support and communications. Affordability refers to the cost efficiency of hiring equally adept professionals from developing countries at the fraction of the labor cost. Transparency is the openness of its operations by providing, activity and call reports to allow business partners to monitor and be kept updated.

Hit Rate Solutions Philippines call center is located in:

Hit Rate Solutions main office is located in:

Hit Rate Solutions
25 Avenue at Port Imperial
West New York, NJ, 07093
United States
Telephone: 212-738-9255
Fax: 1-214-580-9487

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