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How to Hit That Sales Quota

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If you are a sales agent who looks at the sales quota as an unachievable goal, then this one is for you. Although some of the sales agents you might know seem to be born with the dollar sign on their forehead, the best sales agents can also be made. For sure your team coaches and supervisors have already given you some tips, as impossible as they may seem, but still worth the try. Here are some more, in hopes that you would find this simpler and less complicated.

Build rapport. A close relationship with the customer is very important. Once your customer is already comfortable with you, then there is a greater chance that he or she will also help you. A simple “how’s the day doing so far?” would be a start.

Create the need of the customer for your product. Of course, no customer would purchase the product you are selling if they do not need it. You have to come up with something or create a scenario that would make the customer feel that the product you are selling them is, indeed, needed. Once you convinced them that your product is beneficial, they would certainly keep asking for more.

Watch out for the overage charges. This is very helpful for those who handle telecommunications account and doing inbound sales. Always check for the customer’s overage charges and use it at your advantage, especially when your customer’s main concern for calling is an unusually high bill. Your customer might be using services that he or she is not subscribed to, so take advantage of these situations.

Watch out for the unstated need. Sometimes the customer calls you, and the reason is that they are looking for something that would help them make their life easier, but only told in different words – so watch out for that. You’ll never know, maybe what they really need is actually one of the products you are selling.

Resolve your customer’s issue. Again, this is helpful for those who are doing inbound sales. Make sure that you are able to address the customer’s reason for calling, and resolve all the other issues then attempt to make that sale. If you have been kind and good enough in providing customer service, your customer would surely return the favor.

Sales quota isn’t really that hard to reach. All you have to do is have the right attitude towards selling.

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