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HMOs for Call Center

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Health insurance benefits are one of the sought after incentives or benefits in any organizations. The call center industry has conventionally used health benefits to attract better employees and agents in their roster. The health benefit is usually facilitated through health maintenance organizations (HMOs) which provides managed for health insurance contracts. This insurance usually covers the cost of healthcare service including professional fees and other hospital fees as provided by the HMO’s guidelines.

In the Philippine call center industry, there are numerous HMOs that are contracted with which call center companies expedite the provision of health care benefits to their employees. Topping the list is the Insular life health care or I-care for short. A subsidiary of Insular Life Insurance, I-care is a market leader in the health care insurance. MEDIcard is another known HMO whose clients spans extensively not only in the call center industry especially because it is the pioneer in the industry. It often provides a complete health care program which included emergencies, confinements, and medical consultation. Maxicare is also one of the earliest known HMO in the Philippine founded in 1987. It similarly provides a quality health programs to all its members.

With the increasing demand for health care incentives not only in the call center industry but in almost all types of business as well as for one’s personal use, there was a dramatic increase in the number of health maintenance organizations that sprouted in the Philippines. Most of these organizations are affiliated with Life Insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Among other HMOs whose services can be tapped for one’s call center company included Blue Cross Health Care, Inc., CAP Health Maintenance, Inc., CMG of Australia, Cocolife, Fortune Care, Inc., Globus Care, Inc., Health Maintenance, Inc.. Health Plan Phils., Inc., Omni Care Health Organization, Inc., Optimum Health Care Systems, Inc., Pamana, Inc., Philam Care Health Systems, Inc., Phil. Association of Managed Healthcare Systems (PAMHS), Inc., Prohealth Care Management, and ValueCare. When it comes to choosing the right HMO for one’s company, the most important thing is reliability and stability.

This can be measured in the HMOs proven track record. As a pre-need product, the provision of health care benefits is future oriented. Managers should therefore evaluate if these companies will be able to provide the said service when the time for need comes.

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