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Holcim Philippines

Posted on November 11, 2016 | No Comments on Holcim Philippines

Holcim Pilippines is a company recognized as one of the leading provider of cement in the Philippines. Along with the company’s market-oriented arrangements, exceptionally skilled personnel and well-organized conservational impact systems in administration, Holcim Philippines guarantees a brighter way towards to an even stronger future. The company is committed and focused to providing strong foundations for the future. Furthermore, it also aims to be one of the most respected and well-regarded companies not only in the Philippines, but also in the global Holcim group.

For Homeowners – With the current trends and settings the world has these days, DIYs or do-it-yourself when it comes to home improvement has already taken place. As homeowners plan to make a major home makeover, Holcim Philippines offers quality products the suit every need for a DIY home makeover project.

Cornwood – the kind of wood replacement finishing material that is guaranteed to be environment-friendly

Holcim Skim Coat – a ready-to-use cement-based formula perfect for thin plaster application,. Created specifically for both interior and exterior applications to correct surface unevenness iof concrete walls, floors and ceilings.

Holcim Tile Adhesive – this is a cement-bound system expended to attach ceramic tiles, granite, marble and natural stones by means of thin bed method. It is made up of HOlcim cement which is of exceptional quality, natural sand fillers and some chemical additives.

For Contractors – Striking projects require materials of exceptional quality. Holcim delivers the most outstanding bulk of cement products that clients can use for projects in a variety of scale. The company’s products are designed with the strength of the projects envisioned by the clients.

For Architects and Engineers – Holcim provides also provides cement solutions which will meet the needs of architects and engineers when it comes to their planned designs and projects.

For Dealers – Holcim can also provide opportunities in growing one’s business by means of providing cement products of exceptional qualities to other cement dealers.

Holcim creates strong relationships not only with its clients, but also with its employees. The company is being administered through exceptional values like responsibility and integrity. Furthermore, Holcim also guarantees excellence to its clients and assures them in providing justifiable value for the company’s stakeholders. These values are extended to the employees, as the company takes pride and recognize the success and exceptional performance of each employee. Thus, Holcim allows its employees to be taken care of very well, in their safety, career growth and personal development.

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