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Home Agents vs. Dedicated Agents

In deciding to outsource a work, businesses have a choice of getting the services of a home-based agent or dedicated agents. Home agents are outsourcing providers or individuals work from their homes or their won private work space. Dedicated agents. Dedicated agents are outsourcing providers employed by a BPO vendor or company that provides specialized services to a client.

In terms of costs, home agents are generally cheaper that dedicated agents. Both are educated professionals but dedicated agents further undergo specialized training and works in a team under a supervisor. In terms of quality, home agents provide a self imposed quality whereas dedicated agents follow industry or company set of quality standards and practices. Home agents are usually an expert in a specific skill whereas dedicated agents may have various areas of expertise.

The informal work environment in contracting a home-based agent which is primarily rests on the mutual trust of the contracting parties does not guarantee 100% security and confidentiality whereas dedicated agents are contracted through a company under a formal and legal contract to ensure protection of clients. Since they work from home, work schedule of home-based agents are agreed upon whereas, dedicated agents follow work schedule per employer or company policy. The deviations in schedule of home-based agents may cause delays while dedicated agents are more able to meet deadlines that are sanctioned with corresponding penalties. Home-based agents are primarily freelancers who rely on their own for resources.

Dedicated agents are provided with the necessary resources by their employer. In terms of stability, home based agents may not be that stable because relationships are primarily virtual. On the other hand, dedicated agents are more stable because it is contracted by companies. New agents takes the place of an agent who suddenly leaves to ensure continuity of service. In terms of business relation, home-based agents provide a more personal and friendly approach compared to a more formal business type of relationship with dedicated agents. Finally, growth of service is often limited in a home-based agent whereas dedicated agents can expand rapidly as the clients’ need arises.

Based on the above premises, a home-based agent is more preferable for small companies and entrepreneurial ventures which generally runs low on budget, whose outsourcing requirements is temporary, requires personalized attention and the outsourcing strategy is merely a supportive and not critical in operating the business. On the other hand, a dedicated agent is more preferable for larger companies that require long term business partnership, are in need of highly specialized and expert level services which are critical to business operations and whose business operates across the globe and which will allow the company to really focus on their core business.

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