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Hospital Call Centers

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A hospital call center service pertains to a wide variety of customer support services within the medical and health industry. The institution of call center in the medical industry is a progressive development considering the paramount role and importance of communication in the medical field.

Getting the right or accurate information at the soonest possible time can create a lot of difference especially in life and death emergency situations. Thus the hospital call center lies at the core of the effectiveness and quality of a hospital service considering the demanding circumstances of hospital work.

The most common basic service that hospital call centers provide is the emergency dispatch or the sending off of emergency personnel including ambulance for emergency situations. As we all know, accidents can happen anytime and usually at the least expected time and circumstances. The hospital call center ensures that medical help is always available on call whenever needed even during the wee hours of the nights.

This service also included emergency department advice calls, which pertains to notification by the call center to a particular hospital department, which has the particular appropriate expertise to address a specific identified need. For instance, the hospital call center advises the nuclear and microbiology department if there was a emergency call for a case of radiation or an outbreak of the a biological plague (ie. Anthrax) respectively. The hospital call center acts as the coordinator between the people or patients needing help and the helper. At this point, the hospital call center is critical in providing the right person for the right job.

Another common function of the hospital call center is scheduling and appointment setting. Time is gold not only for the doctors and healthcare workers but also for the patients. Scheduling and appointment is critical to ensure that time of the doctor corresponds with the time of the patient, so that if a patient goes to the hospital or clinic, he/ she will not be wasting his time. This is also especially necessary because doctors usually hold more than just one office or is assigned in more than just one hospital or clinic. The doctors visit or presence in a particular hospital institution is scheduled hence scheduling appointment is necessary to ensure the doctor’s availability.

Most hospital call centers hire nurses or medical –related graduates that undergo a specialized training for providing call center services. Apparently, a hospital call center agent is a special breed of representatives who must have a specialized background and knowledge about healthcare services.

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