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How does Psychology help in Call Center

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and how it affects behavior and attitude in a specific context of a person or a group. Psychology helps the call center industry in three ways, namely in business operation, motivation and counseling.

For business operation, this refers to the psychology of customers. Agents must know psychology in order to understand customers to better serve their needs or effectively close deals. For the former, psychology helps agents to put themselves in the shoes of the customers and shape their service in such a way that the agents themselves will like the service. For the latter, psychology helps agents in dealing with clients more effectively. Through psychology, agents learn how to read a customer’s minds and know when to stop talking, know when they need to talk more or know when a customer is really interested.

Psychology helps in motivating employees. It helps managers to know what drives people to behave in a particular way. In fact, the bulk of personnel management is about psychology. Among the most important psychological concepts under this heading included intrinsic motivation (i.e. passion to succeed, sense of fulfillment) and extrinsic motivation (e.g. incentives and rewards) Positive Reinforcement, or the use of rewards or punishment to develop a particular behavior and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which illustrate human needs that people fulfill and in turn drive them to behave.

Psychology helps for counseling employees. Counseling employees/agents is facilitated especially to keep the emotional and psychological balance of a person in order to work and function effectively. For instance, agents needed counseling for them to cope with the daily stress that they face at work especially from irate customers who have the penchant of insulting customer agents. Counseling is also used to help talk employees about their personal problems that can get in the way in their work. Finally, counseling is also given to many agents who are inclined to vices like smoking, alcoholism or sometimes even substance abuse which they use to cope with the stress of work.

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