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How to Apply in Singapore Call Centers

Being able to work as a call center outside the Philippines is a tough job. In the Philippines, a call center agent’s salary can be sufficient for an individual but is barely enough to raise a family. That is why a call center job is most in demand to single individuals as well as married women needing supplementary income for their families. Being an agent in the field of call centers entails a lot of experiences and hard work. For the lucky few, some are promoted as a team leader and gets higher pay. The first thing to achieve this is to embrace all the given schedules especially the night and graveyard shifts with a lot of perseverance in the job. And in the near future, the hard work will pay off and one can be promoted as a supervisor.

Because the Philippines is renowned as a call center hub especially because of the fluency of Filipinos in communicating in English, some Asian countries are looking for Filipino call center agents. Singapore is one those countries hiring many call center agents to attend to their booming economy. They sometimes prefer Filipinos for being articulate in speaking in English.

The first thing to do to apply to Singapore as a call center worker is to secure one’s credentials including all schools records (diploma, transcripts), employment certificates from previous employees, training certificates, and background references. Because, it is another country, it is also important to secure one’s passport. Once these things are ready, one has three options in finding work as call center in Singapore.

First option is to find vacancies posted in local call center companies that involve being detailed or getting assigned to Singapore. This is common in MSN call center companies as well as financial institutions. Some companies announce vacancies for their overseas branches and gives priorities to existing employees.

The second option is to apply online on call center job vacancies in Singapore and wait for the company to respond. Openings in Singapore can be found in Jobstreet and Jobsdb. Unfortunately, most of these opening require applicant already residing in Singapore. One can also apply via employment agencies. Try looking at workabroad.com.ph and find openings in Singapore. The employment agency will help you facilitate application in Singapore.

The last option is the boldest option. This involves going to Singapore, staying there and looking for a job there. In other words, one flies to Singapore and looks for work there. In taking this option, one needs to have plenty of money to spend for food and accommodation. One should also know somebody there, a contact person who can help one to get his way around the country, find a Singaporean recruiter and help if finding a job. This is especially important because of the need to secure a work permit in Singapore if a company hires you successfully.

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  1. cheryl baldo Reply

    pls consider my application for call center job in singapore

    • Karil Reply

      i want to apply as a call center agent in singapore i already have my TESDA NCII certification for call center agent…

  2. suresh Reply

    i have completed MBA degree, i had 3.5 years expereince in BPO. my department is ACCOUNTS PAYABLE. please refer any job related to this field.

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