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How to Assure Your Customers

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Customers are aware that agents earn money in helping them. What they don’t want are agents who are only there to make business and make money. They want to see your sincerity in helping them. And your earning only becomes an incidentally necessity. In lieu of which, agents should learn how to assure customers that they truly are in business primarily to help and not to make money.

Personalize. Customers are individuals with unique preferences, needs, values and wants. And they value their differences. Most companies have a standard way of doing business which is normally done to do and achieve things systematically. However, when it comes to dealing with people, there is still a need to customize or personalize messages and approach to fit the particular needs a specific client. Ones sales approach should specifically try to meet particular requirements or needs of a particular customer. Furthermore, a personalize approach means putting more human component in the service because who you are dealing with is not the market but individual human beings.

Translate features into Benefits. Many products and services contain or highlight certain characteristics or qualities of their products, which they use to differentiate their products from competitors and substitutes as well as use as selling points for the products. While these features are clear, agents should translate theses features into how they can directly benefit a particular customer so that they can evaluate the relevance and benefit in purchasing a product. Assuring a customer entails clearly connecting how these features or advantages of a product or service can be real tangible benefits that a customer will be able to experience.

Establish a relationship. Dealing with customers ultimately involves building relationships with them and building trust. One way to assure customers of one’s sincerity is by building long term relationship with them. This is done by staying in contact, maintaining consistent communications, creating support to them in case they may need it and keeping them in touch. Companies do this by providing support services, subscribing customers to their newsletters to update them of their activities and inform them of their promotions or new products, among others.

Solicit Questions. Honesty and transparency are virtues that one needs to build trust on which relationships are born. More than simply being honest, agents should proactively encourage customers to ask questions for clarification. Assuring customers entails that customers clearly understand our purpose, intentions to help. One way for them to show that we are open and transparent is by asking if they have questions, which agents should willfully and honestly provide answers.

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