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How to be a Great Sales Rep

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Great Sales Representatives are not born. They are made. Becoming a great sales representative does not come from inherent traits but involves developing specific skills. Thus, anyone with a strong determination can become a great sales rep.

The first step to becoming a great sales rep is by accepting personal accountability. Most people blame other things for being unsuccessful in the same token that many people are immediately swayed from not pursuing things because they are difficult to do. Accepting personal accountability means taking control of everything.

Such that failures are my failures and successes are my successes. If I want to become a great sales rep, it is because I chose to be. In the same manner, if I did not become a great sales rep, it is because of my own doing and failure.

After accepting personal accountability, the next step is to maintain a positive attitude. Positive attitude means believing in yourself. Becoming a great sales rep entails a lot of hard work and dedication, which I must all surpass. This includes improving my communication skills, creating my network, becoming people oriented, meeting people, going places, socializing with different people, learning products to be promoted by heart, learning trivial things to be conversant on any topic under the sun, understanding clients needs and many other things. Having a positive attitude that one can perform these things against all odds is the key to overcome the hard work involve in the process.

Sales is about taking action and taking risks. One should constantly have the initiative to do things if one feels that it is needed or is the right thing to do apparently of course with proper consultation with authorities. If you need to call again to follow up a lead, then do so. If you need to talk longer to an interested client, then do so. It would be better to talk to a single client the whole day who later buys a product than talk to 100 different clients who are all not interested in buying your products. Remember the 20-80 Pareto principle, to focus your efforts to the important 20% of your clients where one can really get sales and leave the other 80% whom you can’t get anything from.

Having a pleasant personality is necessary to become a good sales rep. Selling is about establishing relationships with people, which cannot be built especially with strangers if one has no pleasing personality. A pleasing personality on the other hand is constituted by the virtues of patience, honesty, good manners, openness, kindness, compassion, sensitivity and benevolence.

Finally, becoming a great sales rep entails keeping yourself updated or abreast with everything. Knowledge is power. One should be updated about current events, economic condition, trends and competition to show that one is responsive and relevant to society.

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