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How to be a Manager in Call Center

Managing a call center is a challenging task. Managers are face with a broad range of responsibilities that practically covers all of the different aspects of running a business. This includes the most basic tasks of hiring, training, motivating, projecting, arranging, and monitoring performance to the complex functions like controlling quality, managing costs, formulating strategies and leading everybody towards the attainment of defined company goals and objectives.

In order to become a call center manager, one must therefore be knowledgeable of the different tools, concepts, systems, equipment and everything else needed in the execution of one’s duties, which one can learn through experience or through training. Among the basic management tools that one needs to learn included using the SWOT, using templates for developing SOP (standard operating procedures) as well as service levels, any software for workforce planning and scheduling, development of criteria for quality monitoring, preparation of reports, skills analysis, interview skills for hiring, preparation of different correspondences i.e. hiring, rejection, warning, customer survey, and other internal memo, coaching and script preparation, training procedures, and the technical skills.

As a call center manager, one does not necessarily perform these tasks. Managers are not the one who hires or prepares memo. However, managers oversee all these functions and ensure that they are all in line with company policies or in line with the objectives of the company. Any deviations, failures, carelessness or frauds that occur in the business operations is reflective as the manager’s weakness. A manager is also ultimately accountable for such internal failures hence, holds a critical responsibility in the company.

Knowledge about the different aspects of call center internal operations like strategy and assessment, monitoring, project planning, etc. as discussed above does not however assure one of becoming a manager in a call center. You may have the skills and qualification to do the job, but you don’t have the right connections to get into the job. Politics especially works stronger in the management level of the corporate world.

A managerial position entails politicking. By politicking, this means getting your qualifications noticed by the people who make promotions. In key positions such as managerial positions, employees do not usually get promoted to it by merit promotion, although this also happens in very rare occasions. Filling managerial positions entails recommendations from key officers. Thus, in order to land to such positions, one should invest in establishing relationships and network with key officers in the organization.

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