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How to be a successful Call Center Manager?

In any form of organization, the manager plays a central role to its success precisely because the manager is primarily engaged in implementing methods for achieving the objectives efficiently and effectively with and through the organization. In the same token, the manager in a call center company plays a critical function for the success of the business. Whilst there are different approaches in successful managing, successful managers have common attributes, which can serve as standards for becoming one.

A successful manager is a leader. He should have the ability to influence others and squeeze the robust dedication of his followers for the achievement of an objective, which is identified and established by the company. It goes without saying the manager himself possesses the same unparalleled commitment to the company objectives. Without which, he cannot expect others to follow. Moreover, he manifests steadfastness in the face of seemingly insurmountable problems and challenges. He does not lose heart and maintains objectivity in times of emotional difficulties and consider failures as opportunities for new endeavors for success.

A successful manager is an administrator. He must not only display familiarity with the policies and protocols of the company but must learn them by heart. This means he understands the rationale behind those policies for the efficient administration of the company operations and procedures. A manager acts within a framework set by management. And his principal job is to ensure that actions strictly follow the parameters set by management. He must therefore have strong sense of control to everything as he is focused on systems and rules.

A successful manager is strategic. He deals with details and tactics. Because decision making often rests on him, he should possess a great amount of creativity in tackling problems especially dilemmas where there is neither clear right or wrong answers. He is able to think out of the box and in most instances find ways to compromise things.

A successful manager is a good communicator. Communication is the key ingredient for facilitating all human transactions. As a good communicator, the manager should be able to effectively convey ideas and plans clearly to the people. He can effectively sell ideas and thereby convince and encourage people to follow his orders. He knows how to approach different kinds of people. He is flexible and can adjust quickly as the need arises. And is some instances, he must have a sense of humor in order to break the rigid formalities of an organization without undermining the power relations that exist within the organization.

Finally, a successful manager is people oriented. Management especially in the call center industry is about dealing with people. Managers in most instances deal with people problems. Managers must therefore be understanding, compassionate and emphatic to the concerns of all stakeholders of the company including the clients, the employees, the management and the owners. He therefore knows how to strike a balance between the conflicting interests between them and maintains good interpersonal relations amongst all of them.

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