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How to be Promoted in a Call Center

Because of the thriving state of the call center industry, the opportunity for promotion is high as old companies continue to expand and new companies continue to emerge. However, promotion can also be elusive to people who are not keen on their jobs. Promotion in the call center industry is not achieved by the number of years of service. Instead, it entails determination, patience and hard work. Here are some tips to get that promotion that you are looking for.

Excel in work. The one apparent way to get promoted is do extremely well in what you’re doing that lets you stand out against others. Do your best for attain a perfect attendance. Exceed the expectations or standards set by the company. One’s excellence in work is a demonstration of one’s potential to handle higher level work and responsibility.

Contribute to achieve team targets. One apparent way to show excellence is to ensure that one meets or exceeds targets i.e. achieving the target number of sales or deals to be closed. Make sure however, that you are credited for your feats. This is an excellent way to show that you are a great employee and you deserve a better and higher position.

Improve oneself. Do not rely on the training provided by the company alone. Have the initiative to conduct further studies to improve your trade in the delivery of service. This will help you excel in your job.

Build rapport with management. Promotion is about hitting the right person at the right time. Befriend the key personnel who may have some authority or power to promote people. However, support this by volunteering for supplementary tasks like organizing events in order to show your sense of responsibility. Those near management and those who do favors to management are the employees who get noticed by management.

Find out how to reach the next level and do it. The most concrete way to be promoted is to meet the requirements for a promotion. Is there a need to lead a project? Is there a quota of sales to achieve? Is there a need to have a master’s degree? Check what needs to be done then simply do it.

Suggest ways for improvement. In Toyota, management aggressively solicits suggestion from all workers to improve its products. And those whose suggestions are adopted are generously rewarded or promoted. Suggesting ways to improve the work system or approach in the office demonstrates one’s commitment to the company and one’s innovativeness and vision, which is needed for managerial and leadership positions.

Be reliable and work hard. Reliability and trustworthiness are the two key attributes that supervisorial and managerial positions must have because higher positions means higher responsibilities and accountabilities. Show your reliability by volunteering on tasks and delivering tasks as promised. Show hard work by perfect attendance and the attainment of goals.

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