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How to become a Great Sales Rep

One of the most rewarding and challenging works is sales. Being a sale representative requires certain skills in order to be an effective one. In most cases, the salary of sales people are meager. This is because companies usually reward sales personnel in terms of their work productivity through commissions. And such commissions are indeed very generous. In fact, one of the reasons why products are expensive is because the high commissions that sales personnel receive. Moreover, the commission also serves as an incentive for sales people to work harder.

In order to become a great sales rep, the first that one should do is to have the right frame of mind. Some people immediately gets discourage when selling. They think that selling is difficult. Overcoming such pessimism is the first step to become a great sales rep. Negativity will get you nowhere.

Once you have the right positive attitude about sales, one should also have the other virtues required in selling. First on the list is sociability and friendliness. If there is one quality that is most evident that great sales people have, it is sociability. Sales entails proactively seeing and meeting people. One should therefore have the propensity to be outgoing and affable to society. One should be people oriented. Sociability also included the ability to be open and proactive. As a salesperson, one should have the initiative to get near and to talk to people. One should come to people instead of waiting for people to come to them.

Other equally important virtues are honesty and integrity. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of relationships. Sales is about building relationships and people relationships are build based on trust. Trust on the other hand is gained through one’s honesty and integrity.

Patience and perseverance are two additional ingredients for building relationships. Sales take time because building relationships take time. Not all people are gifted with the charisma of Gandhi or Hitler who can make people believe in them in one sitting and then close a deal. Without charisma, patience will do just fine.

Finally, to be a great sales rep, one should be deeply knowledgeable about the sales process and skills involved in them. For instance, it starts by knowing your product, then properly identifying your prospects, knowing the protocols of the sales process and finding legal ways to shorten them for the convenience of the customers. One should also be familiar with the benefits of the products that he sells. It goes without saying that the sales rep must believe on his product. Knowing your customer is also an important step, which forms part for building relationships. Finally, a great sales rep follows up. After closing the deal, the sales rep continue to provide the quality service to the customer by actively assisting in after sales support needs of the client.

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