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How to Build a Harmonious Call Center

A harmonious office provides better working conditions that promote greater productivity among employees. Needless to say, the harmony inside the office is integral for the success of the whole organization. The harmony in an organization basically pertains to how friendly or cordial the human relations in the office between the employees and managers/officers and among the employees themselves. Harmony in the office is an ingredient for cooperation and teamwork. Here are some tips to build a harmonious call center office.

Maintain a positive and merry disposition. Every single member of the office should ideally have a happy disposition in life. However, since that is impossible, one should attempt to have a happy disposition which can be achieved by focusing on the brighter side of things or being optimistic on everything. If there is one employee who seemed unhappy, the supervisor should talk to the employee to cheer him up.

Having an ear to a person in need can definitely help to alleviate one’s problem. Happiness is contagious. It is like a flame that inflames other candles. All personnel should be conscious who among their co employees seem to be sad and lonely so that a friend, a coworker or the supervisor can immediately talk to that person. Remember that one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch of apples.

Be approachable. The first step to establishing relationships with each other is for people to be open, receptive and willing for new relationships. Being approachable usually starts from the boss because chances are, it is the boss who gets to meet all personnel first before everybody else. The manager should be approachable and should impart the same attitude to others so that interrelationships are built among employees.

Build camaraderie. Building camaraderie is the process of actually creating relationships within the people in the organization. For a more harmonious relationship, this relationship should go beyond professional relationships. The supervisor or manager can initiate the building of relationship by holding informal activities where agents can to meet and talk to each other such as having breaks together, having dinners together as a group, eating together as a group or having good time together as a group. The idea for the activity is to open lines of communications among each other because communication is the key to cohesion.

Know your limits. Knowing your limits means maintaining respect to all employees and valuing each other’s privacy. Getting close to each other is important for more coordinated work. However, relationships in the office have limits. The managers and supervisors should maintain certain professional distance to their agents especially inside the office. Managers and officers should maintain a certain degree of space with their agents to the extent that their friendship can influence their objectivity and neutrality.

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