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How to Build Good Employee Relationship

The success of any organization relies mainly on its human resources. Hence, maintaining healthy employee relations is vital to maintain productivity, focus and the satisfaction of the people working for the attainment of company objectives.

In a call center company, maintain good employee relation is especially important because it is a service oriented company. The services per se offered by the company are provided by people particularly the call center agents or representatives. Any issue or concern that can bother an person which includes animosities, conflicts or enmities between and among the personnel has a direct impact on the quality of service provided. Good employee relation means that employees possess encouraging or affirmative disposition about their personality, job security as well as their contribution to the organization.

Three core elements should present to maintain harmonious employee relations namely, a well established company philosophy, mission and vision, effective communications between employer- employees and among employees themselves and pertinent human resource policies that are commands order within the organization.

All endeavors start with a vision or objective. Companies should have a clear vision and mission in their undertakings which will ultimately direct employees toward such goal. Such vision should be in parallel with the mission, vision and principles of individual employees so that people will dedicate itself towards its attainments. Disharmony results if the principles and vision of the company clashes with those of the employees.

Employees do not want to be treated as robots that simply follow orders. The company should establish an effective communication system which allows employee participation especially in the critical decision makings that would have a direct bearing on their employment. It goes without saying that employers should find a mechanism through which the voice of employee can be heard.

Employees are direct stakeholders of the company. Thus, they also want to be heard through consultation through which can voice out their sentiments, grievances and provide feedback. This also creates a feeling of belongingness to the company.

Equity is important in all human relationships. This is because mutuality is at core of relationships. Any form of discrimination or unfairness can lead to dissonance. Equity is providing what is due to a person. An employee given additional bonuses and privileges for apparent hard work is not unfair. But an employee who is not recognized or rewarded for hard work is a form of injustice. Favoritism too is a form of iniquity which can cause discord in employee relations.

Employees want to be appreciated. People work not only because they are paid to do work but more importantly because they find a sense of fulfillment and meaning in work. Companies should therefore give rewards to employees not only for doing a good job but for maintain their dedication and commitment in fulfilling their duties. Being appreciated gives a sense of self importance which helps motive employees to work even harder.

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