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How to Change Sleeping Habits of Call Center Agents

The Call center industry is one of the biggest employers of Filipinos today especially for young college graduates. In some cases, a college degree may not even be necessary. What is important is that one speaks fluently in English. The rest of the requirements can be addressed tor proper and sufficient training. The work of a call center agent, in spite of its seeming simplicity is actually demanding and stressful because of its schedule. Since most contact center companies cater clients abroad, call center agents usually work at night or graveyard shifts. Working on a night shift, will entail adjustment from ones regular waking hours, which could be unhealthy, especially, in a highly stressful work environment.

One of the major problems of call center agents is adjusting one’s sleeping habits to work at night. Most agents rely to temporary and unhealthy remedies to fight off sleepiness while at work. Most call center agents engage in heavy coffee drinking and smoking to keep themselves awake especially if they do not have sufficient sleep, which can have dire repercussions to their health in the long run.

Instead of indulging oneself to these dangerous practices, call center agents should find adjusting mechanisms to one’s nocturnal jobs. One obvious approach is adjusting oneself to the night life by shifting one’s sleeping schedule in the day. This may take time but the adjustment stage is vital for one to stay stress fee, productive and healthy. It would also help if the agent avoids erratic schedules so that one can set a standard phase on when to sleep and when to work instead of adjusting time and time again to varying shifts.

To help with sleeping in the day, try to make your environment dark to adjust because the body clock is programmed to wake in the light and sleep in the dark. Later on, one becomes accustomed to the schedule and can find sleep even when it is bright. Incidentally, it would be advisable though for agents to wear sun glasses during the day on their way home to protect their eyes from the brightness.

One of the secrets of many successful leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte is their ability to take a nap or take short deep sleeps that can effectively reduce weariness and come out fresh and alert after a quick break. This will help agents to stay active without need for coffee or cigarette breaks.

In a nutshell, agents should always find a way to rest. One only becomes sleepy or tired when one lacks rest. Instead of engaging in activities in the day, one should devote it instead for resting because of the need to stay awake at night. Instead of taking coffee or cigarette breaks, take a nap. And instead of sleeping at night, try harder to sleep during the day. That is the only logical way for you to cope with fatigue in a night time job.

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