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How to Close a Difficult Customer Service Call

Quality customer service is a vital ingredient to creating strong and lasting relationships with clients. In a call center company, the capacity of management and agents to handle customers especially difficult customers, have a direct impact on its future prospects for more customers. Here are some practical strategies to manage and close difficult customers.

Communication is a two way process. To be a good speaker, one should be a good listener first. A cardinal rule to customer service is to listen carefully to customers especially to irate customers, who often want to be heard first and foremost. Attentive listening allows one to clearly understand and identify the customer concern or issue which is the first step in resolving a problem.

To better understand the customer’s sentiments, try to put yourself in his/ her shoes. One way to mitigate the rage or fury of an agitated customer is to empathize with him. This helps dissipate emotions because the agent gains customer confidence by understanding his predicament. Gaining the customer’s confidence will in turn initiate the customer’s trust in the agent’s recommendations and alternative suggestions.

Composure is important for an agent to stay calm and objective. As a customer service representative, one should be prepared to receive or hear personal slurs from an agitated customer, which can ignite one’s emotions. One must remember that two equal opposites would result only into a collision, which would not resolve anything.

In some instances, there are customers that seem to never give up and are seem to look only for trouble. In the same manner, agents should not lose composure while remaining tough. If customer is too tough to handle, the agent can call for help from a senior officer. At this point, it is important that the agent quickly orients the officer about the situation and issue.

The best way to close a difficult customer is resolve his problem. Customers do not complain for the sake of complaining. They may have legitimate concerns and problems that need to be addressed. Hence, the only logical solution to close a difficult customer is to address or resolve his problem so that he won’t have anything to complain about.

Finally, agents should strictly follow company policies and protocols. Company policies and procedures are developed and established out of the long experiences of people in providing service which included among others handling difficult customers. Adhering to company rules in dealing with difficult customers will definitely help in closing the call at the quickest and most efficient manner.

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