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How to Deal with Objections?

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As a sales person, objections should be considered automatically as a form of resistance to sales. Objections are actually opportunities for sales people to further provide information about the product or service one is selling as well as to clarify further doubts that a prospective buyer might have. Giving up immediately because of an objection from a customer only proves that the sales person has nothing valuable to offer and the prospective buyer was right to make to shut up the sales man because it is just a waste of time for both of them. Thus, sales people should learn how to handle or deal with objections properly in order to successfully make a sale. Hereunder are two ways to deal with objections

Treat objection as a question. This means that the sales person must provide an answer to the query. If a client for instance object because the price is too high, that means the sales man should justify the price by providing the benefits and advantages of the product which translates to savings in the long run. It may also mean the need for the sales person to explain options for the buyer on how to reduce the cost of the product or service.

Eliminate objection. One can eliminate objection in different ways. One strategy is to anticipate objections and immediately explain to clients. Another way is to convert objection into reason for buying. One can also overcome objection by returning back the objection as a question. In which case, one lets the client answer his own objection and see for himself his inconsistency. For instance, an objection of I don’t have time, one can ask do you have at least a few minutes to prepare yourself before going to the office? One can also agree or admit to the objection of the client then continue by explaining the product based on those premises. Finally, one can also deny an objection especially for objections that are obviously foolish like when a prospective customer tells that sales person that another company is willing to give him a fifty percent discount.

The main point here is that sales people must expect and be ready for customer objections. More importantly, one should know that this is a normal in sales and should therefore not be disheartened or easily discouraged to an objection. Objections should be seen as challenges not barriers for making a sale.

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