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How to Engage your Customer?

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Learning to engage one’s customer is a basic skill that every call center agent must know regardless of what service one provides. Every person calling a call center company or called by the call center company is a customer whether one is requesting for technical help, asking for clarification, making an inquiry.

In dealing with customers in a call, one of the first things that the agent must understand and assume is that the customer is a sophisticated and informed buyer. And as a customer, he/ she is also a potential supporter of the brand, which is necessary for creating a regular market base as well as an influencer, who can help promote for or against your product and services. It goes without saying the customers should therefore be handled with utmost care. Moreover, the service and support that an agent gives must extend to acquire the customer’s interest and proactively engage them in a timely manner. Engaging one’s customer essentially means having a casual chat with them thereby making them a part of the network as a social market channel for one’s services and products.

One engagement strategy is by proactively offering your other assistance services. A company’s web domain is a cyber store which provides other services aside from what the customer currently needs. Agents should put in mind that a call is an opportunity for them to capitalize to proactively engage customers to offer other service or related sales assistance that a customer might need. After efficiently addressing the requirements or needs of a customer, the agent should follow it up by offering other possible related services that the customer might need. In most cases, agents are simply in hurry of finishing the task to get over with it. Then they simply ask you for any other concerns instead of initiating the offering of other services. Making the first move gives additional value as it reflects a more customized and special treatment for addressing specific customer inquiries.

Another engagement strategy is by demanding pull by raising customer curiosity or engendering customer interest. This can be done by giving offers that are directly related to the extant specific needs of a customer. For instance, a customer requiring help for activating one’s telephone subscription account may be interested for a new company promo targeting new subscribers like the customer. This helps customer to engage in a short chat or inquiry about the promo. Such strategy however entails an agent to be welcoming, inquisitive of the customer’s background, knowledgeable of the company services and innovative in relating the client’s needs to the company promotions.

Finally, inform customer of any customer engagement programs the company has prepared that the customer can join. This includes inviting one to become a member of an online community of customers, participation to an event sponsored by the company, inviting customer to interact with other customers in a fan page or Face Book, and asking or soliciting customer for feedbacks, reviews, or new ideas for improving company products and services in a designated channel such as the company website.

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