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How to Fight Sleepiness in Call Center?

One of the biggest challenges that agents face in working in the call center industry is fighting sleepiness at work especially during night shifts. How exactly do you fight off sleepiness?

Sleep in the day. Sleepiness is often caused by lack of sleep. The best way to combat sleepiness at work is to get sleep during the day. Agents should therefore learn how to adjust to the new lifestyle of sleeping during day and being awake at night. Else, one will never survive working in a call center.

Sleep. If you are sleepy then sleep. Yield into the temptation. You can do this during breaks or you can ask permission from your manager or supervisor for a short break. Learn how to take cat naps or short but deep sleeps to regain your mood and work more productively.

Exercise. Shake off sleepiness by exercising. This can be done by walking your way to the office. Making stretches while at work. The idea here is to speed up blood circulation to shake off drowsiness.

Eat candy or any sweets. Drink an energy drink. Sweets can agitate one’s senses to temporarily give the extra power to keep you awake while at work. This is exactly why it is not advisable to give children sweets during the night because sweets will keep them awake.

Keep yourself busy. Sleepiness is also caused by boredom at work. Keep yourself awake by being busy. Take as many calls as possible. Sleepiness is a state of mind. By keeping your mind busy, one can liberate it from the thought of sleeping.

Drink coffee. Drinking coffee is a common way for people to fight off sleepiness in the same manner that drinking coffee is the common way for people to wake themselves up in the morning. If you’re not into coffees, then drink hot chocolate. The hot drink will surely circulate your blood faster.

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