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How to get to Harte Hanks Fort?

Question: How to get to Harte Hanks Fort?

Answer: Harte Hanks Philippines main call center office is currently located in Market! Market!, Fort Bonifacio, Global City.

Residents from Pasig, Cainta, Pateros, Taguig can take a FX taxi ride going to Fort Bonifacio and alight at Market! Market! terminal; take a 3-5 minute walk to reach Harte Hanks call center.

If you are coming from EDSA, take the MRT ride to Guadalupe station; then take another jeepney ride going to Market! Market!; and take a 3-5 minute walk towards Harte Hanks Fort. Alternate route is via MRT ride to Ayala station; then take a jeepney/bus ride going to Fort Bonifacio; alight in Market! Market! to reach Harte Hanks Fort Bonifacio.

Residents from Manila and nearby areas can take the LRT-1 ride to Taft station; transfer to MRT and follow EDSA route to get to Harte Hanks call center.

Nearest landmark to Harte Hanks Fort Bonifacio is Serendra Condominium.

You can follow directions via our map of Harte Hanks Fort below:

Harte Hanks Philippines
4th floor Market! Market!
Fort Bonifacio, Global City
Taguig Philippines

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