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How to get to Omniglobe Makati?

Question: How to get to Omniglobe Makati?

Answer: Omniglobe International main call center office is located in Rufino Pacific Tower, along Ayala avenue, Makati City.

The fastest way for North & South area residents to get to is via MRT ride to Ayala Station; then take a jeepney ride along Ayala avenue and alight at Paseo de Roxas unloading zone; take a 10 minute walk towards PBCom tower, cross the street via underpass, exit at right side (front of Rufino Tower) to reach Omniglobe Makati.

Residents from Manila and nearby areas can take the LRT ride to Buendia station; then take a bus/jeepney ride going to Ayala and alight at Paseo De Roxas unloading station; then take a 5 minute walk towards Rufino Tower to reach Omniglobe Makati.

Check your nearest FX terminal if they have a Ayala/Makati route. It is much faster to reach Makati via FX taxi; use our map to navigate your way towards Omniglobe Makati.

You can follow directions via our map of Omniglobe Makati below:

Omniglobe International Makati
14-B, Rufino Pacific Tower,
6784 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

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