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How to get to Tricom Systems Cebu?

Question: How to get to Tricom Systems Cebu?

Answer: Tricom Systems has a satellite call center office located in Machay Building, along Gorordo avenue, Cebu. Nearest landmarks to Tricom Systems Cebu are Richmond Plaza and Cebu City Police Station.

Residents from Cebu can easily get to Tricom Systems Cebu by taking a jeepney ride (route 03-04) going to Gorordo and alight near Cebu City Police Station; then take a 3 minute walk to reach Machay building.

Residents from Mandaue should take a jeepney ride going to Ayala; then take another jeepney ride to Gorordo and alight in front of Tricom Systems Cebu.

If you are coming from Manila and want to apply/work in Tricom Systems Cebu; take a plane ride to Cebu; then take a taxi cab and tell the driver to drop you off near Cebu city Police station; then use the map provided below to navigate your way to Machay building.

You can follow directions via our map of Tricom Systems Cebu below:

Tricom Systems Cebu
Machay Building, 30 Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines
Phone: (32) 231-5117

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