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How to go to Alorica Makati?

Posted on November 3, 2017 | 3 Comments on How to go to Alorica Makati?

Question: How to get to Alorica Makati?

Answer: Alorica Philippines call center has a satellite office is located in Magallanes, Makati City. Alorica Makati is currently located in Alphaland Building, Magallanes.

If you are coming from EDSA, Alorica Makati is easily accessible via MRT ride to magallanes station, then take a 5 minute walk to reach Alphaland building.

Residents from Manila can take the LRT ride to Libertad station; then take a jeepney ride going to Mantrade and alight at jeepney terminal; then take a 5 minute walk to reach Alorica Makati.

Residents from South Area (Paranaque, Alabang) can take a bus ride along SLEX and alight after Magallanes flyover; then take a 10 minute walk towards Alorica Makati.

You can follow directions via our map of Alorica Makati below:

Alorica Makati

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  1. mikaela Reply

    Hi!good day Alorica..a representative from your company just called me twice,asking me to report to your company.Can I still drop by to your company anytime this week.They’re asking me to report in your office in Magallanes.Thank you!Anyway,here is my contact number.

  2. dian Reply

    Hello alorica, good afternoon! I was done with the final intrview last friday and was told to ready all thneeeded documents (sss, nbi, coe, etc) and said that u will call last saturdau – monday for the job offer. But i hvnt recieve any calls/text from u.. how can i ff up my application on ur company? Im looking for ur contact no. Tru web but i cannot find any.. pls help? Tnx!

  3. jhap Reply

    hi, could you just do me some favor, can u send me link on how to request COE from alorica (MJmakati.) im having hard time to do that. Thanks.

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