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How to go to Call Center Academy Cebu?

Question: How to go to Call Center Academy Cebu?

Answer: Call Center Academy has another satellite call center training center in VEG building, along Gen. Maxilom avenue, Cebu city. Nearest landmarks to Call Center Academy Cebu are Iglesia ni Cristo Cebu, Caltex Gas Station and Fooda.

Cebu residents can easily get to Call Center Academy Cebu via jeepney ride (route 03B or 06H) and alight near Iglesia Ni Cristo; then take a 3 minute walk towards VEG building. Use the map provided below to locate VEG building.

Residents from Mandaue and nearby areas can take a jeepney ride route 21B or 22b and alight near VEG building to easily reach CCA Cebu.

Residents from Bohol, Leyte and nearby provinces can take a ferry ride to Cebu; then take a jeepney ride (route 21B or 22b) and alight near VEG building to get to Call Center Academy Cebu.

You can follow directions via our map of Call Center Academy Cebu below:

Call Center Academy Cebu
#79 VEG Bldg.
Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City

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