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How to go to Wells Fargo McKinley?

Question: How to go to Wells Fargo McKinley?

Answer: Wells Fargo Philippines main call center office is currently located in Commerce and Industry Plaza, along Campus avenue, McKinley Hills, Taguig city. Nearest landmarks to Wells Fargo McKinley are Amici Restaurant and Tokyo Cafe.

If you are coming from EDSA, the fastest way to get to Wells Fargo McKinley is via MRT ride to Magallanes station; then walk towards San Lorenzo condo and take a FX taxi or CityLink bus to McKinley Hills; alight near Upper McKinley road and take a 5-10 minute walk along Mckinley, right turn on Park avenue until you reach Commerce and Industry Plaza. In case the buses and fx taxis are not available, take a jeepney ride going to Gate-3; then take another jeepney ride to McKinley Hills; alight near One World Square and following walking directions mentioned above to reach Wells Fargo Taguig.

Residents from Pasig/Cainta and nearby areas can get to Wells Fargo McKinley via FX taxi ride to Market! Market!; then take a jeepney ride going to FTI-Gate 3 and alight at McKinley Hills; then take a 10 minute walk towards Commerce and Industry Plaza.

Residents from Manila and nearby areas can take a LRT ride to taft station; walk towards MRT and follow EDSA route to easily reach Wells Fargo Taguig.

You can follow directions via our map of Wells Fargo McKinley below:

Wells Fargo McKinley
1st flr. Commerce and Industry Plaza
1030 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hills
Taguig City, Philippines

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