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How to Handle Objection in Call Center?

It is inevitable for customers to object or balk an agent during the course of their service. This is especially true for customer reps handling complaints as well as outbound call agents when doing cold calling. In most instances, this can depress and make an agent feel bad. However, agents should understand that rejection is part of their job. While it is normal to feel bad or sometimes angry, agents should learn how to handle objections of customers objectively and professionally.

First of, while agents should provide heart felt, sincere and personalized services, they should nevertheless learn how to deal with some things impersonally such as an objection or worst a rejection. Complaints for instance should be sincerely felt by empathizing with the customer. Sincerity generates trust which in turn builds rapport and relationships. Whatever the customer is saying, agents should carefully listen and acknowledge what they feel instead of engaging into a debate. Clarify the customer’s issue by restating it on the basis of which, create the correct response for the said issue. Show your desire to attain a resolution to the customer’s problem whilst maintaining one’s compliance to company policies as well restrictions. It is important for the agent to figure out an appropriate and admissible resolution to the customer’s problems in a nice and calm manner.

Objections and rejections during a telemarketing service is a greater challenge because the agent is like courting a customer to buy the product they sell. There are different ways how a customer objects to a call by making clichés that would often dissuade agent to continue or persevere with the selling. Among these lines include – you’re too expensive, I’ll think about it, we already used somebody else, etc. Depending on the type objection, there are also different ways to handle them. For instance, if the customer says that your product is too expensive, one could either compare them with competitors or highlight the benefits and advantages over other product that will justify its price.

One can also opt to find ways to make the product more affordable such as through installment schemes and others. For those who say they’ll think about it, the agent should appreciate that and schedule a time when the customer can be contacted so that one can give more information. Agents should put in mind that customers will always object. And overcoming these objections are part of the challenge of selling. They should learn how to clearly figure out if a customer is indeed uninterested or may simply need a little more prodding to get them to buy your products. If they are truly uninterested, then the agent should learn how to move on to another. After all, there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

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