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How to Lower AHT?

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In order to optimize the average handling time or AHT of an call center agent, it is important to dissect the AHT to its different components and address this elements one by one. AHT refers to the duration of a single transaction from the moment a client initiated a call up to the time when the client ends the call. It is mainly composed of the hold time, talk time and after call work. The hold time refers to the duration when customers wait as agent puts them on hold. The Talk time is the length of time when agents actually talk to customers. And finally, the After Call Work is the time spent by agent for wrapping or finishing a call.

To reduce “Hold Time“, train agents to learn on multi-tasking particularly typing while talking at the same time so that the agent can immediately input key word search to the system while talking to the client and retrieve the necessary data or information at shortest span of time.

To reduce Talk Time, customers should well-trained and knowledgeable about products/services so that one can immediately reply to the customer queries instead of needing to check on product specs time and time again.

For tech support agents, there should have a standard operating procedure to systematically probe and diagnose problems or issues of clients. They should maintain notes of suggested probing questions.

To reduce that After Call Work, agents again must learn how to multitask so that they can type or input finishing reports while wrapping up conversation with the client.

Others. There should be regular training for agents to be well familiar with routine issues or queries of customers by conducting probing drills, scenario simulations, billing topics, among many other possible issues that may arise. The company could also opt to adopt an “English only Policy” to enhance the communications skills of its agents.

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