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How to Make a Business Call

Customers are the lifeblood of every call center that is why you should be able to deal with them in the most professional and business-like manner. This is where proper business ethics comes in and this should apply to every aspect of the business.

A company’s relationship with their customers – dealing with them and interacting with them, among others – will determine the ethics of the company.

Having good business ethics will ensure success in providing excellent customer service and develop a healthy relationship with their customers. Business ethics is what will separate you from your competitors.

A call center agent involved in sales usually makes the calls. In order to close a sale, call center agents should be able to conduct themselves well. Having good business ethics will make a difference in making calls.

If you are new to the job, how will you make a good impression? How do you make business calls? This article could prove to be helpful to you so read on.

  1. It is important for any call center agent to give a professional impression when making a business call. In order to do that, you need to be prepared before making the actual call. Have all the information about the product or services that your company offers before calling a prospect.
  2. Before you call, make sure that all the discussion points are ready. You have a pen and paper handy just in case you need to write something like a concern of the customer. If you reach a voice mail, make it straight to the point – state the purpose of the call, your name, and your callback number.
  3. When making the actual call, you need to introduce yourself first. State your name and the company you are representing in the beginning of the call.
  4. State the purpose of the call and ask if you are calling at a good time or if they are available. Try to set up a callback time if they can’t take your call at that moment.
  5. If they eventually take your call, make sure that you make clear the purpose of your call. Make sure you have the complete information at hand so that when the customer asks you something, you have a ready answer.
  6. Make use of polite words. If you are selling something, do not be over-eager to close a sale.
  7. Present your product or service point by point.
  8. Do not attempt to dominate the conversation. Make sure you give the customer the opportunity to respond or make a comment.
  9. Before ending the call, politely ask the customer to repeat the points of your discussion to make sure that both of you are on the same page.
  10. There would be cases wherein customers would vent out a complaint while you are making a call. It is important that you know how to handle this kind of a situation. Calmly and politely take get the concern and see if you can resolve the problem at your end. If it is not your area of expertise, offer that you will personally hand the concern to the right department.

Do not forget to pleasantly end the call. Make sure you thank them for their time.

Turning your business calls into a success is easy if you only how to go about them.

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