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How to Modulate Voice during the Call?

Voice modulation refers to the changing of the voice pitch necessary to correctly accentuate important words during communication. In contrast, maintaining an even pitch throughout the sentence will sound monotonous or even dull and boring, which is especially disadvantageous when talking through a phone. This is because the impersonal nature of a telephone conversation or remote voice communications in general, does not afford both parties to visual elements that can reinforce one’s engagement in a conversation.

Modulating your voice during a call is important because the communication process is deficient of visual components, which provides both parties better opportunities for understanding each other. For instance, one cannot see the gestures of the person talking on the other line through which one can judge sincerity or honesty. Instead, people simply rely on voice sound to understand each other in a telephone call. In which case, modulating one’s voice or speaking tones will be the only measure for the listener that something is being emphasized or something is important.

Anybody can modulate their voice which is just a matter of controlling voice pitch. However, one must be familiar with how pitches would mean to a listener. For instance, a downwards pitch stresses authority and thus creates a commanding effect. An upwards pitch on the other hand creates excitement and interest or curiosity. This is exactly why interrogative sentences often end in high pitch. A repetition of an up and down pitch pattern is used to emphasize a group of interrelated phrases or words as against a mere word. The similar rhythmic way use to pronounce the sentences creates the impression that they are related to each other to point out a single idea. The use of modulation effectively provides a sense of hypnotism and incites interest that draws or attracts listeners to listen attentively to the speaker.

Breathing control is a core component of any speaking activity including the modulation of voice. Many people tend to lose control of their voice because of lack of air. It is therefore important to learn how to breathe through one’s chest instead of one’s throat. This allows one to have more air for producing lower and well-modulated voice with lesser effort and stress from one’s mouth and throat. It also gives one’s natural perfect voice pitch.

While modulating voice is important, it is equally important for a call center to be articulate. Articulation is affected on how one effectively shape ones mouth and tongue to effectively create the right sound of the words as it comes out of the mouth. A common way to practice articulation is to read or speak tongue twisters.

As many singers do, it is also important to vocalize first before singing. This serves as a warm up exercise to open your vocal chords before singing. In the same manner, call center agents should try warming up their vocal chords to loosen the oral cavity parts used for speaking, which helps in better modulating one’s voice.

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