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How to Pass a Call Simulation Test

After passing the interviews in one’s job application as a call center agent, another important step towards reaching the goal is passing the call simulation test. A call simulation test is an examination which gives an applicant the opportunity to get a first hand experience of the services of the company. The exam mimics the actual scenario, in which a customer calls and applicant agent is evaluated on how successfully he/ she responds.

The call simulation test is critical in one’s application evaluation because it gives the prospective employers a glimpse if the potential employee is indeed capable of handling the job or meeting company quality standards in handling a call. In lieu of which, the call simulation test is a critical stage in one’s application that will make or break one’s success in gaining employment in a call center company.

As with any other test, whether a periodical exam, a physical exam, a licensure exam or the bar exam, the only logical way to pass a call simulation test is to prepare for the test. The test is basically a simulated call where applicants will answer the call from the company’s representative. The test will basically show the applicant’s initial communication skills, listening skills, customer service skills, and knowledge skills in addressing the concerns of the caller. As such, preparation on such skills should be made by the applicant.

For instance, one should improve communication skills by talking to one’s friends and getting feedback from them if one clearly talks. One way to improve communication skills is to read out loud. For listening skills, one can try watching a movie without subtitles on and check one’s ability to understand English dialogue or conversation only by hearing. Customer service skills can be improved initially gathering information about how to deal with people, improving interpersonal skills among others in any resource available to you such as the Internet.

Finally, knowledge skills can be improved by learning or studying the background of the call center company, the products and services that they offer and other information that can have a bearing on their company. Familiarizing oneself with the company, would give one an idea of what services or products they offer. Skills in contrast to knowledge are abilities that entail practice to perfect. Hence, one should find innovative and practical ways to practice those skills such as by socializing with friends and more people.

One good resource for learning those skills or having a background on call simulation tests are call center agents per se. It would be prudent to ask advise, help or simply ask previous or extant call center agents about their experience on call simulation tests. It would be better if one can get assistance from a current employee in the company one is applying for to get a more focused, detailed and relevant information.

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