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How to Pass a Phone Simulation?

Posted on February 5, 2018 | 3 Comments on How to Pass a Phone Simulation?

A phone simulation test is an examination conducted in the call center industry in which applicants get to encounter a real like scenario of what a call center agent performs. Using a similar workstation, the applicant will receive a simulated call and is asked to interact and perform the job of the agent. Through this, recruiters can better assess if an applicant is indeed capable of handling the job or not. Needless to say, passing the phone simulation test is therefore critical if one wants to pursue a career in the industry.

Phone simulation tests apparently differ from one another depending on the type of call center service one is applying on. But the idea here is to correctly perform what is expected of an agent in that particular job. For a customer service agent, the simulation usually involves inputting data to retrieve data or to update data. In which case, the accuracy and speed of typing is what counts. In some tests, how an applicant performs the system is what is being evaluated. Instructions are usually provided in the computer prompting an applicant to follow and take action e.g. “type order information and press enter”. In which case, how an applicant can religiously follow instructions to operate a system is evaluated.

In some cases, instructions are not written on the computer screen. Sometimes, instructions are verbally conveyed through the speakers. In which case, active listening is critical in order to follow instructions with minimal errors or repetitions and passing the simulation tests. There also cases, when the test entails the applicant to respond verbally to a customer query. Listening is also important in this case so that one can correctly respond to customer needs. At this point, one does not need to fake an accent. One should just speak calmly and clearly. In some cases, a simulation of an irate customer is used. What this test is evaluating is if an applicant can really understand English and respond correctly of what is being asked. Learning accents will come in later in training.

The final part of the simulation test usually involves personal questions or interview questions like how to handles stressful situations, willingness to work at night, among others. In which case, just talk slowly, calmly and clearly with confidence and enthusiasm. What this test wants to evaluate is the ability of the applicant to clearly express oneself in English or how one sounded while talking over the phone.

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