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How to Pass Interviews?

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Interviews are an essential human resource strategy use to evaluate prospective employees for recruitment purposes. The principal purpose of the interview is to evaluate among the applicants who is best fits the vacant positions. Thus, the interviewee must show that one has the knowledge, experience, personality and commitment that perfectly fit the role or vacancy that the company intends to fill. Among the practical tips to pass an interview are as follows:

Look smart by dressing smart and carrying oneself with confidence and with the right posture. While this may be irrelevant or not representative of one’s ability, looking smart will create the correct first impression which as the saying goes, lasts.
Focus on how you will be able to fit in the role or deliver the needed service to the company. That is what the company is interested most and not on your personal interest on the role or what you can get out of the position.

Answer questions directly by listening to what is asked carefully. It may sometimes be useful to use the particular lingo of the profession that you are applying to show one’s familiarity and knowledge about the position. Avoid however of being pedantic by being too technical or by using too much vernacular to which the interviewer may be turned of or be bored. Aim for clarity of communication in such a way that the interviewer understands you.

Avoid being a show off by pretending to know something you don’t. Interviewers commend honesty but vilify frauds, to which they usually have a keen eye.

Make the conversation balance in which both the interviewer and you are given equal chance to speak their thoughts. Avoid interrupting the interviewer while talking.

Ask questions after the interviewer solicits them. Questions however should be logical and relevant especially to the position. Be cautious as well with one’s questions because it similarly reflects an applicant’s interest or indifference to the position.

Do a research background about the company before the interview. This will help you understand better the nature of its business and your potential role in the overall strategy of the business. This can be done by visiting the company website and reading some of its newsletters. This will somehow help show one’s interest, initiative and potent commitment to the firm.

Finally, show that you are human by having a sense of humor through clean funny innuendos or by evoking emotions by smiling cordially to the interviewer.

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