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How to Resign in Call Centers?

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The call center industry is believed to be the industry with the greatest employee turn over rate. This means that many employees are itinerant from one company to another. They come and go and keeps on looking for other better alternatives. The common reasons why agents resign included stress resulting from the late schedule, incessant dealing with people and the routine work, the highly mechanistic or structured organization design of the company which tend to stifle creativity or tend to choke employees of protocols, the lack of career growth and insufficient compensation and incentive scheme.

Before considering resignation, it would be advisable to think twice especially considering the insufficient employment opportunities outside, the tough competition and the difficult of finding a job. It would also be better if one already has an alternative plan or have secured another job in another company before leaving else one can be trapped in the vicious cycle of being unemployed and lacking the financial means to find a job.

As in most companies, resigning in a call center follows certain established protocols or procedures that are stipulated in the employee manual. This includes the notification to resign at least a week before leaving one’s post, the application for clearances if applicable through which the resigning employee gets through the bureaucratic hierarchy of the company structure and the submission of a formal resignation letter.

Strict adherence to these protocols would be excellent if one is to resign with decency and dignity. Even if you are a little frustrated with your previous company, it is important to maintain good relations with them because background checks are usually conducted by your prospective employers to your previous company. It is always better to heed the saying “Do not burn your bridges”. Your former employer, co-employees and former bosses should form part of your social network of potential endeavors. They should remain as assets that should be kept and not liabilities that you need to turn your back against.

Critical in your resignation is the first step of informing and meeting with your immediate supervisor. Your supervisor would naturally dissuade you from resigning to show sympathy and concern. Unless, you are given a counter offer or some other incentive for you to stay by some figure of authority along the way, then that might mean that the company is really serious in maintaining your employment. In which case, try to reconsider the offer and your resignation. One must take note though that nobody is indispensable in a company except maybe the owner. Everybody can be replaced including your boss. So, one should not really delve into the fantasy that the company needs you and only you.

The resignation letter is important to formalize things. In preparing this, one should only note of positive things by being grateful and appreciative in working in the company as well as your positive prospect of pursuing other endeavors. Part well to end well.

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