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How to Sleep Better for Call Center Agents

At the average, people needed 8 hours of sleep a day to feel fully rested. In this 8 hour sleep, the deep sleep which averages between 45 minutes to 1 hour is the most of important of all because it is stage in which the brain and body get the most rest. This makes short deep catnaps effective and sufficient in freshening up one’s mind. Despite this, not all people are able to get sufficient rest.

This is especially true for call center agents who work at night shift, which entails a drastic change in one’s body clock. Many workers at night have difficulty in finding sleep during the day. While adjusting one’s body clock is ultimately a matter of practice, there are other practical ways for a person who works at night to induce sleep. Following are certain tips to help call center agents sleep better during the day.

Reduce Noise. Because most everybody else is awake, noise from neighbors, cars, and other daytime activities is one of the biggest problems that can disturb one’s day sleep. To prevent noise, it would be advisable for workers to look and stay/ rent a place in a quiet neighborhood. If that is not possible, try to cover openings in your room where noise can penetrate. If that is still not possible, put earplugs in your ear so that you won’t hear any noise or sound at all.

Make your room colder. In a tropic country like the Philippines, an air conditioner definitely helps in making the room temperature cozier and relaxing. The whole idea here is too allow the body to cool down so that one can fall asleep. If one is financially constrained of purchasing or using an air conditioner, find other means to make your body cooler. One can use an electric fan instead or keep windows open (if you’re in a quiet neighborhood) or one can simply take a quick shower or bath to cool down.

Tire yourself. One usually gets asleep if one is fatigue. The need for the body and mind to rest immediately drives one to sleep. Hence, one way to ensure that you get sleep in the morning is that make yourself physically exhausted. This can be productively facilitated by working harder and longer or simply exercising intensely.

Block the light. Our bodies are programmed to sleep in the night when it is dark. Thus a dark environment tends to signal the body to be in rest mode. Try to make your room darker. Use thicker curtains to cover the windows to block sunlight. Use eye covers to darken the sight. If that is still unavailable, cover your eyes with your arms, a pillow or a bed sheet to darken your sight.

Avoid daytime activities. To successfully program oneself to sleep in the day, one should refrain from engaging in daytime activities such as meeting friends, drinking, watching TV, or joining people working on regular daytime jobs in their morning activities. Working nightshift has sacrifices that a person should understand. A person cannot serve two masters. If you think you can work at night and still be awake in the day doing what regular people do, you are definitely going to breakdown after two days of no sleep.

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