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How to start a Call Center Business in the Philippines

Starting a call center business in the Philippines is easy. Foreign investors are given utmost support by the Philippine government the country continuously promotes itself as a haven for foreign investment. The only difficult part in starting up the business is the documentation part primarily because foreigners do not usually know their way around the country. But the process per se is easy and instructions are written in English hence, it would be easy for English speaking foreigners to understand. The easiest route to prepare all documentations is to hire a consultant, either a law firm or accounting firm. They will prepare all documentations for you. What you simply need to provide is your signature time and time again, copies of your resume and photos and in some instances, you might be asked for your personal appearance before the agency. If however, you want to do this on your own, then perhaps you simply needed to hire someone who knows how to go around the city to get to the offices where applications will be filed.

First thing you have to do is to find a location for your business. A location for your business is important because the address of the business is required in your documentations for government compliance. It would be advisable to place your business in identified special economic zones in the Philippines in order to avail of some incentives for the business such as income tax discounts and tariff free importation of items and equipment you might need in running the business. Although buying computer units and other office equipment would be cheaper in the local market.

The documentation part involves preparing application and administrative papers for government compliance such as business registration, SEC registration or incorporation, processing of business permit and other related documentations pertaining to one’s location. Typical documents to be submitted are the bylaws and articles of incorporation and treasurer’s certificate bearing initial capitalization of the company. There are ready made by laws and articles of incorporation available in SEC, which one simply needed to fill or modify i.e. company name, officers name, stockholder’s regular meeting, etc. A feasibility study would also be needed which one can prepare or hire some accountant to prepare. Once your company is SEC registered, most of the documents that you will need for other things are already prepared. At this point, it would be advisable for the investor to hire an accounting consultant to handle tax related (BIR) accounting, taxation and bookkeeping processes. This is important because there are penalties involved when applications are not filed within prescribed date.

Apart from your business, you as a foreigner also needed to do file certain work permits as an alien resident of the country i.e working visas and immigration documents especially if you are bringing your family with you. Your embassy will usually help you with the process.

At this point, you can also start searching for your executives to help you start and run or operate your business. One can start with a manager who will also initially act as human resource manager who will conduct the recruitment of employees. One also needs to recruit an accountant or at least a book keeper who will keep the books and prepare the payroll for your employees. The said accountant would also need to process the government mandated payments in the payroll such as SSS, Pagibig and withholding Tax. After that, you can now focus on the operations and let your company grow.

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  1. Mavic Reply

    I am interest in having a callcenter..How can I get a client from abroad?

    • Veronica Abuda Reply

      Im interested in opening a call center business in the philippines.did you already open one?

  2. Cattleya Reply

    I’m interested to start my own call centre in the Philippines. Please email me of all the information I need & cost. Cattleya

  3. gilbert pelaez Reply

    I’m very interested how start call center business, could you give pointers and ideas how to start it thanks.

  4. 14/10/10

    Dear sir/medam,

    I want to start a outbound call center. I have own office and two systems.
    So please send the details.

    thank you

  5. Lulu Reply

    Can someone provide me step by step process on how to start a call center business in Cebu city? I would like to know the cost, what paper work I will need to process, taxes, how to canvas company in the USA, etc…

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