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HRIS Online Qualfon

Posted on January 7, 2018 | 1 Comment on HRIS Online Qualfon

Established in 1996 in Mexico, Qualfon is a business process and contact center outsourcing provider originally known as Telemark Corporation. It started Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service and Short Message Service (SMS) provider highlighting values, performance and price. As it expanded to new markets and diversified on its service offerings, the company has redefined its concept of right outsourcing which is now constituted by six core values namely, client goals, pricing, technology, relationship, multichannel and location.

Qualfon made its mark in the United States by providing bilingual call center services in Spanish and English. It continued its expansion in Argentina, Guyana, and lately the Philippines. If one is wondering why the company expanded from South America to Southeast Asia particularly the Philippines, it’s because of the cultural ties that exist between the Philippines and South America as former colonies of Spain. Qualfon is located in Skyrise 3 Qualfon Building, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines.

As part of its commitment to personnel welfare, Qualfon implements an online (HRIS) Human Resource Information System, an online software application where employees can access their profile, payroll data and other related information (employee handbooks, safety guidelines, status changes and other information. This HRIS is a management information system through which personnel data is integrated with HR Human Resources data for payroll preparation, financial and accounting management and facilitating HR functions.

For instance, employees can access in the HRIS their profile, access personnel resources (handbooks, safety guidelines, application forms) and check other relevant information (available leave credits, etc). On the other hand, it helps management to monitor personnel attendance, track employment history (promotions/ pay raise), evaluations, disciplinary actions, and training, etc.

The HRIS is comprehensively integrated with the company’s financial and accounting systems for preparing salary, budget preparation, financial evaluation and preparation of financial reports. The HRIS of Qualfon can be access, however, its is protected with password protocols as only authorized and legal employees are apparently allowed to access it.

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    May I ask if where do we apply online for Qualfon Dumaguete area.? And or is there any option of submitting resume online? Thank You!

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