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HRMall Philippines

HRMall Philippines is a BPO company that specializes on providing human resource related services such as payroll services to clients mainly from the Asia Pacific region. Its processing and data delivery centers are located in the Philippines, which help company offer quality yet affordable services. HRMall Philippines executes, assigns, supports and administers technology-enabled HR systems such as the renowned Peoplesoft HCM. It offers talent administration solutions (Labor processing, e-Recruitment, etc.) to permit employees to fortify and individualize employee proficiencies to improve employee moral, motivation and productivity. HRMall recognizes the importance of the people as the most important resource of a company. Thus, utmost consideration, effort and care should be given to this most critical component of the company.

HRMall provides outsourced services to companies from different industry sectors from telecommunications, banking and financial services, to retail, construction, resorts, and manufacturing companies. HRMall Philippines caters both SMEs and large scale business through its scalable and customizable services. Among the first-class yet cost-effective solutions provided by HRMall included Core Processing Services, which pertains to fully managed payroll system, Contact Center Infrastructure, personnel, and knowledge management, SaaS Strategic SW (Strategic software applications), Web-based HR Portal which provides personnel access to information on company policies, and other relevant information as well as transact with personnel remotely. Core Plus (CPS+) pertains to software that help facilitate support administrative HR processes, Technical Services refers to support to the technology required to run the system and finally, consultancy services included helping companies identifying and meeting their exact needs and requirements.

HRMall is a part of the prestigious and renowned Ayala group of companies, which is one of the oldest, most esteemed, and most extensively diversified conglomerates in the Philippines. HRMall Philippines is thus a company which possesses the quality, productivity and expertise that carries the Ayala brand. Meanwhile, HRMall also mostly caters Ayala companies and thus functions as a core service group in many of Ayala companies.

HRMall Philippines call center is located in:

  • HRMall Fort Bonifacio
    2nd Level Street Market, Market! Market!
    Fort Bonifacio Global City
    Taguig, Philippines

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