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HSBC Philippines

Posted on September 7, 2017 | 9 Comments on HSBC Philippines

HSBC Call center is a Global Service Center that particularly caters customers of one of the largest financial world that has been operating in the Philippines for over 132, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC. It serves HSBC customers from all over the world.

HSBC was established in Hongkong on March 1865. HSBC Electronic Data Processing started operations in the Philippines ten years later on November 1875. It now has a total of seven main bank branches operating in the Philippines. The HSBC Group has continuously expanded around the globe. HSBC Philippines now has around 8,500 offices in 86 countries and is considered as one of the world’s largest and most trusted banking and financial institutions.

The HSBC call center was established to initially facilitate customer assistance services to HSBC customers. With the advances of better information communications technology, it expanded its services remote banking services and online banking services as well as expanded to international clients. HSBC call center Philippines is divided into five components namely, HSBC Advance Call Center, Premier Call Center, Credit Card Call Center, Savings Bank Call Center and Savings Commercial Banking Call Center. Each subunit performs specific role, targets specific customers and provides specific specialized services.

For instance, the HSBC Credit Card call center handles all customer relationship management that pertains to the HSBC credit card including application, activation, inquiries, promotion, and benefits among others. the HSBC Savings Commercial Banking Call Center only serves corporate accounts and services such as Corporate Debt Securities and Directed Trust Services. Each customer agent for a particular call center unit undergoes rigid training to handle to learn the different services of the bank and imbibe the culture of excellence that the bank stands for.

HSBC Philippines call centers are located in:

For career opportunities, please visit HSBC Philippines Job Openings.


i been trying twice to belong to this prestige company. however, i am unable to be on their preferences. but still just 3 days from today i’m gona go to their hsbc edp to apply again for i can feel it, i can make it this time around. thanks hsbc edp family

HSBC EDP just give the best compensation package ever!

so far, so good in here…lucky me, a lot of improvements, perks are currently in when i came in….great work environment, great compensation packages…and a lot more.. good TL;s ( it’s AMO’s here), i guess? ihope…

they might be the best call center in the philippines

how much do they give as salary?what are the other allowances that they give.pls…anyone…reply.tnx

min pay basic 13k…

i heard dati that HSBC offers high salary.

you should also learn to give out premiums to tenured agents. I appreciate the offer anyway but its just competetive enough.

CLIFFORD VALDEZ is the best TL ive ever had!!!

TL Candy is the bast AMO at PBcom she’s so cool…..

HSBC GSC Manila is by far, one of the best places to work in–for people with the right attitude. Anything negative gets flushed out, and former employees have been returning. This company really takes employee welfare seriously; I know this from experi

Their department, ASK HR is the best..

Maganda ung mga receptionists sa harap ng buiding nila sa PBCOM…PWEDE!!

I used to work as an agent in US-MSFE, marami pangako ang MO dito na di natupad.

im currently working here as an agent at US-CARE process. what should i say, the company have the best offers there is, they stand to what they say the best place to work, they even have people who’s sole job is to make the employees happy. sadly i’ll be

This company is very well handled! I’m part of it so I can really tell you what’s happening. They got the best benefits and offer if you deserve it! Unlike other call centre, they take care of the people. The recruitment is a bit hard but if you passed I

Previous HSBC employees resigned to work in other call centre, after a few months of experince, they will come back to HSBC because HSBC is the best contact centre, that’s why people are coming back.


im a tl in AF and the only person i looked up to is my ex manager egbert chua from collections

the best ang HSBC, kahit ang hirap ng pinagdaanan kong recruitment process, okay naman kasi hihigitan nila ang dati mong sahod sa dating call center…

I have worked my way from agent to AVP. Truly the best place to work!

AMO Maureen Recto is best AMO in CML (beauty & brains). Seriously though she should be promoted already.

1. It’s a matter of perception of what you think about HSBC. The question is… have you done your part to make it the best company? or you just keep on complaining. Not just because their are challenges, only the management is responsible for it. All

i love this company. you won’t regret applying in here. i’ll be signing my job offer tomorrow.wuhoo!! thanks sir allen, ms aileen, ms mara, sir, chan, they are all nice,.

I was given the job offer although hindi nila sinabi pa yung benefits , anu ano ba benefits sa hsbc? may healthcard ba and increase sa sweldo? hope i wont regret this decision im still currently employed w another company malayo kasi sa bahay.. nga lang

da best to……….

i really thank ms. ochie of Hsbc HR in ortigas, i signed up my actual contract last friday, i really appreciate your kindness.

i love hsbc……but salary damn.,…. lol i love the free drinks… i cant imagine they’re just like,an ordinary filipino people…. trying hard i mean i thought i’d feel like i’m on u.s… when i came th

The best place to work, people are professional and fun to be with! It’s like your not working at all!

Andaming perks sa HSBC! It’s a great working environment, and I love it here.

i hope i can pass da exams and work there….

this is the best company ever! i’m sure that those people who are giving negative feedback are those that were mangaged out already. they want their position and salary to increase but they’re not doing anything to deserve it. they only want easy money!

The pay and benefits are great and so are the company initiatives. But just like other companies, there will always be politics, intrigue and drama.

they usually start at 15k basic plus 5,250 for night diff, food allw, transpo etc tax exempt pa, if your an agent ok.

MO Kurt Andrada is the only reason we are here. He’s the best line manager you could ever have

tell u what, HSBC is the BEST place to work.. i’ll turn 1 yr na in a few days.. GREAT environment, NICE peers, COOL mgt, AWESOME perks! what more can u ask for??

In case you’ll be in US Collections, look for AMO Ros Raymundo and MO Fritz Libertino.. They are the best!!!!! ~glenda

What are the benefits? may retirement ba in 5-10 yrs?

ui ty this is the best bpo-directory…. yes it is…. i love hsbc ofcourse…ty ty ero,18 alabang…a dream come true talaga na makapagtrabho sa hsbc..sana makupleto ko na req’tments ko…im very satisfied with HBSC’s offer sa

This is a great multinational company. I applied here for an executive post and to my surprise the processing was swift and they will really give you a competitive job offer that you can’t resist. You’ll love to be part of this organization.

I attended the SLT with HSBC in February of 2007. It was really informative even though they were not able to accept me (because I was not able to meet their qualifiers) but the experience that Ive had with them really help me to excell in this industry.

HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines) Inc. Muntinlupa HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines) Inc. 5150 North Bridgeway corner Northgate Avenue Northgate Cyberzone, Fil-Invest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City Philippines

Indeed a great loss for the company when MO Kurt Andrada left HSBC. He’s an excellent leader. Lot’s of people including me were greatly inspired by him. We won’t be having these successes if not for the values and development he inculcated both in our

I only have good things to say about HDPP. FYI, 13K is the basic pay only for those who do not have call center experience, that doesnt include the allowances.

Hi, i am working in HDPP as a Metris care agent. We got the best workplace ever!

Wherever you are MO Kurt Andrada, we know you will be successful. You are truly a blessing to people.

MO KURT ANDRADA – Epitome of a great leader

We miss you boss Kurt Andrada. We are following you anytime soon. We’ll email our resume.

MO “DOI DE FIESTA” IS THE BEST EVER! I’m sad that he left Collections. He was such an inspiration and a great leader.

The new face of IT is MO “Doi de Fiesta”. He makes it happen!

Yes I salute Doi de Fiesta, when he transferred to IT, we felt sad. We’ve heard na mas magaling pa sya sa mga na promote na AVP – like Alvin Aquino and Jonvic Apaliso. Balik ka na lang HSBC pero sa Operation wag sa IT. we love you!!!

been w/ HDPP for 2 years. the best place to work! i will go back once my contract is finished here in dubai. sana nga lang yung mga tao sa HR mapalitan na when that time comes…

The IT Department is under a new leadership, and yes, it is going strong, but to those who does not know what IT is all about, well sorry to break this in your face but it’s all about making things work, like the computer you are using right now, the Inte

i recently resigned from HSBC HDPP in QC. So disappointed and frustrated with the process i was assigned to. hindi marunong mag handle ng mga tao, di marunong mag handle ng service level..di ma handle attrition…

i am a previous employee and it really depends for the boss you’re working with. i have had good experiences in US Cards Collections but not in the department that they transferred me to…

I’ve got the best interviewer, Ms. Macky Aquino at PBCOM.she made me expressed myself naturally;she believes in me.parang psychiatrist nga eh…i have learned on my enriched training that i discovered a lot abt. myself;what are my limitations and capable

Umalis ko sa HSBC dati akong US CARE napunta sa METRIS nagtagal lang ako dun dahil sa AMO ko c AMO zaf ewan ko kung nandun p cya pero sya talga ang the best AMO….

I love HSBC! Trainors r awesome, the HR people are very professional (and good-looking) and an environment conducive to work.

ukcts rocks! i love my manager, he surely knows how to deal with csr concerns.

i used to be an employee of hdpp for almost four years… for that long period that i stayed with hdpp i can say that the company and my former bosses treated me well.. u can’t expect the best of everything from one company.. wherever you go there will al

I am a re-hire of hsbc hdpp. Dati kami sa pbcom pero linipat kami sa commonwealth.

The company itself is good. i use to work there for almost 2 yrs. masaya. with regards with the pay, the pattern it with in-house callc enter range. not unlike cvg w/c is outsourcing kya mataas ang pay. all allowances with hsbc are non taxable suring my

HSBC is a good place to work. i have been with them for 3 years. UK CTS really rocks. because of HSBC i landed a good job abroad. to others it may seem bad, and i respect your opinion. i was an agent before and got a promotion as AMO. although pay was not

im in Fraud.. i should say that they pay people if you perform, MY MONTHLY INCENTIVES reach to 9k i started at 13k since ihad no experience now my salary is 26k im only entering my 2nd year in the company

hi, im currently looking for a job, and i am interested to apply in HSBC, is their site in makati entertains walk-in applicants?

I want to apply as a QA in this company. Can u give me the salary range? What are non-taxable allowance? How much is the night diff??

I stayed with hsbc for 18 months. The company was just half year old nung andun ako. People were so nice and walang pulitika. The best MO was John Pastor!! Bossing na astig! marunong mak

yes, Ros Raymundo is the coolest TL you could ever have, syempre batch mate ko yun eh. Angas! – Apple

HSBC is the best company, TL Julius mendoza is the best tl!

hi, I actually type this to the google and i feel interesting on your company. I know that this is not just asmall but a huge company and im looking forward to work on this company. Anyway you can contact me on my phone number just to confirme if there still a slots for any position in you company. I actually have an experience in a call center and im doing inbound and outbound. Thank you

HSBC is definitely a very good call center. Im with Manila Care. Training was good but it seemed everything was being rushed too much. Floor operations is good even if there are a lot of forms, etc, post work to do. Pay? Good and on time n. But seems there is something wrong between HR & Recruitment as HR seems to be losing all employee documents weird tlga. NOW… Jen S should really look into those MO’s specially one fag who acts as if sya ang Dios. Its common that kpg di ka anak o kateam ng Dios wla ka. Super POWER-TRIPPING. Company will certainly lose good call ctr agents if this goes on

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  1. poopoo Reply

    hsbc startin no experience 13k, ceiling offer 19,250.00 lagi on time ung sweldo, most of the time 2 days earlier ung sweldo. nawala na ung free milo ewan ko lang kung may free coffee pa, free parking nga pala dito sa technohub hsbc hdpp. pag mag apply ka d2 2 months waiting ka for back ground investigation pero pag sinabihan kang tatawag sila tatawag mga yan. consistency para makapasa ka sa mga interview.

    • looking for answers Reply

      Hi! I would just like to ask kung may incentives ba sa collections and how much? How about their basic pay? Thank you!

  2. Carla Quiestas Reply

    May travel account ba sila?

  3. 13/06/19

    I wanna be a callcenter agent

  4. RY Reply

    I’d like to try to support a financial campaign. I’ve been with different campaigns already for 7 Years. Sales, Tech & CS. I would like to know how’s the recruitment process? Is it a one day process or does it take long? Thanks!

  5. julia diaz Reply

    May I know if you accept applicants past 50 years old who have no previous call center experience? Thank you.

  6. Salve Bancaso Reply

    Good Morning Sir/ and M’am. I’am applying to your company in HSBC i need to help me to get these job. i’am willing to training and thank you! and want these job to help my two kids to finish the stady.

  7. Salve Bancaso Reply

    Good Morning Sir/ and M’am a’im Applying to your company in HSBC for Taglish only aim 37 year old now! willing to training as you will i can do. thank you! and want the carrer now to suport my two kids to finish the stady.

  8. Blessilda Gervacio Reply

    May I ask is your company accepting only 1 1/2 years in college and without any experience?

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