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I-Merge Online

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I-Merge Online or Eco Merge Philippines is a company committed to advancing the development and deployment sustainable renewable energy sources and low carbon technologies for sustainable business development and a better world. Established in 2010, I-Merge Philippines is affiliated with Japanese and American companies as well as other international technology providers and investors who share in the mission to providing and achieving a stable, clean energy for future generations. Eco Merge Philippines was conceived because of the unprecedented and perpetual surges of fossil fuel energies that tend to threaten and destabilize the economic security and stability of countries that depend on oil imports. More importantly, the company was also designed to help the world reduce greenhouse gas emissions protect the environment and mitigate the threatening impact of climate change in humanity.

The projects of the Imerge online on the pipeline can be grouped into alternative renewable energy, development of alternative transportation and smart building project. It is primarily engage in the development and promotion of solar energy as well as Micro Hydropower as alternative sources of energy to fuel the economy. For its transportation development, the company has the Electric Vehicle Project in which it is promoting the Electric Tricycle (E-Trike) especially in the developing nations, which is one of the primary public transportation in the provinces. The use of e-trikes can significantly reduce carbon gas emissions. It has been the preferred traditional mode of transport in the Philippines not only for its cheap costs but its ability to traverse any road conditions. Finally, the smart building project pertains to the promotion of green architecture in building infrastructure which basically designs building to adapt to its environment and capitalize on its natural resources such as sunlight for lighting and air for ventilation among others and other energy saving schemes.

Eco Merge Philippines call centers are located in:

  • Eco Merge Alabang
    Unit 101 GF, Energy OPT Bldg.
    Prime Drive,Madrigal Business Park
    Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
    Phone 632-7034193/ +632-584-9406
  • I-Merge Online Alabang (closed)
    301 Aurora Bldg.
    Alabang-Zapote Rd.
    Alabang, Muntinlupa

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