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I-Net External Support

I-Net External Support is a family owned contact service company established in 2009 that exclusively provides customer services and other customer relationship management services Forex World Pty Ltd. Forex, a division of the Australian Forex Global Group of Companies established in 1983 which provides transportation, logistics and delivery services to Filipinos living in Australia. The company was founded by Mrs. Ines C. Campos aim to serve the needs of expatriate Filipinos in Australia. I-Net External Support basically provides Cargo and Remittance services to Filipinos in Australia. With the increasing demand for cargo and remittance services, Forex created the I-Net External Support to accommodate the ever growing demand.

Forex World provides Love, door-to-door, money remittance, heart-to-heart, cargo, balikbayan boxes, food delivery, and other special services. It also has online gift shopping as well as facilitation of service of financial support and online money transfer service. I-Net External Support basically provide customer service through inbound calls including handling customer enquiries, complaints, data entry, box or cargo tracking, next shipping, remittance monitoring informing customers of products and services as well as other customer relationship management services.

I-Net External Support does not only cater to the Filipinos in Australia because Forex has also door-to-door service to the Philippines with branches in the US, Canada, Europe (Spain, UK, Italy, Austria), Asia, the Middle East and practically all over the world where there are Filipinos. I-Net External Support continuously provide customer services to Filipinos worldwide that are utilizing the services of Forex. And with the same service philosophy of touching lives, delivering love, door-to-door, heart-to-heart, I-Net External Support equally provides and captures this service philosophy in the delivery of their customer support services. The trustworthiness, efficiency and reliability of Forex services is supplemented equally by trustworthy, efficient and reliable customer service.

I-Net External Support Philippines call center office address:

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