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i-Quest International Solutions

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i-Quest International Solutions is a business outsourcing company that specializes in staff augmentation, executive recruiting, human resource consultancy and support services as well as payrolling. It essentially caters US based companies that are present in the Philippines such as BPO companies and other companies with local branches.

Staff augmentation pertains to the provision of manpower especially during peak periods without compromising the quality of applicants or employees. This also pertains to the staffing for branch expansion in which applicants are qualified for long term hire. IQuest Philippines helps in quality mass recruitment of the companies thereby saving the companies time, cost and effort in screening, interviewing, and evaluating applicants. I-Quest Philippines conducts background checks, technical screening and even drug screening to individual applicants to ensure that its partner clients only gets the most ideal candidates.

Executive search or recruitment pertains to the recruitment of professionals with specific qualifications, expertise or for high level positions. I-Quest Philippines do not merely rely on applicants but proactively conducts research in other companies and matches their needs to attract the right candidates that perfectly fits the requirements of its partner clients.

Human resource consultancy and support services pertain to a broad range of administrative support services that pertains to the management of human resource. This will help free partner clients with conventional administrative works so that they can focus on their core operations and functions in improving customer service to the clients they serve.

Finally, payrolling pertains to the administration of salaries in an accurate and timely manner. This involves the use of software applications for the payroll system that interfaces with human management resource system of its partner clients which provides convenience to employees in checking and monitoring their payrolls and salaries. i-Quest International Solutions is known as MIT Professionals, Inc. in the US whose headquarters is located at 1716-B Washington Ave Houston, Texas.

IQuest Philippines call center recruitment office address:

  • I-Quest Makati
    Level 12 Robinsons Summit Center
    6783 Ayala Avenue Makati City

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