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i3 Technologies is a company that focuses on system integration and it has acquired experience in comprehensive integration for more than a decade. Through the years, i3 Philippines has industrialized its proficiency in solutions for security, auxiliary and connectivity – making sure that it remains to exceed the demands of the market, and ready for all of the requirements that the clients may have.

The company has been privileged and acknowledged by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board with Classification A, and it is also in the process of being ISO-certified. Its thoroughness is just one of the strengths that set i3 apart from its competitors. For i3 Technologies, delivering end-to-end solutions is no longer just an exhortation used to attract potential clients. End-to-end is a guarantee – it is a long-term dedication and commitment to be with the client every step of the way, even after the work is already done.

i3 Philippines is also composed of a team of 200 exceptionally talented and skilled professionals, all trained and has acquired pertinent expertise to respond to every requirement that the client may have. All these professionals are ready to provide quality service, from consultancy to post-installation and post-implementation. The firm does not only have two or three employees to respond 24/7, but it has an entire team of sales personnel, design and implementation engineers, project managers and more than a hundred installers in attendance nationwide at any time.

i3 Technologies offers solutions to security, auxiliary system, connectivity as well as professional services.

Security Solutions
– IP Surveillance System – This offers the digitized and networked version of CCTV (closed circuit television)
– Access Control System – This service allows handling who goes where and when using an electronic card access system.
– Turnstiles System – This allows the control over the passages in various establishments
– Video Management System
– Analog CCTV System

Auxiliary System Solutions
– Paging Address System – this utilizes microphones, loud speakers and amplifiers to deliver sounds.
– Fire Detection and Alarm System – for this service, i3 partners with Bosch Security Systems for fire detection alarm.
– Building Management System – this system regulates, monitors and enhances the mechanical and electrical systems

Connectivity Solutions
– Wireless Backhaul System – this system allows cameras to be placed anywhere.
– Structured Cabling System

Professional Services
– Consultation – i3 also provides system diagnosis for free as a part of the company’s value added service.
– System Design – i3 also handles system design with consistency and discipline, no matter how big or small the system may be.

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