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IBEX Global Solutions

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IBEX Global Solutions a US based business process outsourcing company that provides superior customer services for over 10 years in integrated set of customer contact services. Headquartered in Washington, DC. IBEX Global has a network of over 20 call centers powered by more than 8000 professional customer service providers. In the Philippines, IBEX Global Solutions is known as “The Resource Group” or TRG Solutions.

IBEX Global Solutions aims of delivering the most dependable, steadfast service that is combined with unparalleled passion of its staff, first class training and the most advance information technology. Its mission is to establish the most dynamic team of customer service and marketing associates that offers the most cost-effective, satisfactory customer management tactics to leading organizations across the globe. The company adheres to dutifully carry out its mission by capitalizing on its major strengths and advocacy to critical organizational programs.

Among the principal services of IBEX Global Solutions included teleservices, which is composed of a comprehensive suite of services designed to support and supplement a companie’s customer relationship management strategy. At the heart of this service is the ‘human element’ which translates to very personalized and individualized service for individual customers highlighting individual importance. This service is comprised by customer care, sales and marketing, technical support and interactive voice response.

Email chat support is another online medium that through which customer service is channeled for its cost savings, independence and availability. This service is primarily 24 x 7 self-service programs that provides ‘pre-canned’ responses for customers. Account management on the other hand is implemented through a Single-Point-of-Contact Account Management approach that ensures perpetuating attention to detail and efficient communication. Finally, the back office solutions of IBEX Global pertains to a range of ancillary tasks used as support services for the operation and administration of a company. This included accounting services, account verification, deposits and withdrawals, documentation, compliance and adherence undertakings, among others.

IBEX Global Solutions is headquartered at 700 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 560 Washington, DC 20006 US. Its service delivery center in the Philippines known as The Resource Group or TRG is located at the 8th Floor Hanston Building, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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