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IBM Global Philippines

Posted on September 7, 2017 | 5 Comments on IBM Global Philippines

Among IBM call center business solutions included business analytics and optimization, intelligence in business, process management, cloud computing and IT connectivity and integration. In terms of business management, IBM Global Philippines provides content, data, cost, disaster, distribution management as well as energy efficiency and Enterprise application integration. With the delivery of its IT solutions, IBM Global Philippines is reinforced by its partners equally known in the IT industry namely Cisco, Oracle and SAP.

Known to the world as the pioneer in bringing computer technology to the homes, IBM Philippines provides the most comprehensive IT enabled services in the world. With over 75 years of experience since its establishment in the Philippines in 1937, IBM Philippines is definitely a leader in information technology in hardware, software and IT-enabled solutions. IBM Philippines continues to be the leading solutions provider with over 5,000 clients, 400 business affiliates, and 130 service centers in 12 twelve first-rate facilities across the nation delivering innovation and excellence, which has become its trademark in business.

IBM Philippines offers various call center & back office services for Fortune 500 companies around the world. As a top software development company, IBM has built products that can be customized to fit the requirements of its clients. Among its top products included cognos, SPSS, Informix, lotus, Tivoli, Websphere, TEX, Puresystem, AIX, System z and x, Unix server, etc. IBM Philippines equally provides storage services (disk, tape. Storage network) and networking services (POS, security and connectivities).

IBM Global Philippines IT services encompass all software application services from the middleware, security, server, site facility to storage. IBM call center also provides outsourcing of application, business process and IT software and hosting. As a leader in IT, IBM Global provides training, certification and conferences that in turn serve as internationally recognized competence for its clients. IBM Philippines is also engage in financing hardware, software, and commercial services.

IBM Global Philippines call centers are located in:

IBM Global has satellite offices located in:

IBM Daksh Philippines (closed?)
IBM Business Services Talent Acquisition Center
18F CyberOne Building,
Eastwood City – Libis
Quezon City Philippines

Daksh eServices
16301 Via Venetia East
Delray Beach, FL 33484

Daksh eServices Private Limited
Two Lincoln Center, 5th Floor
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Daksh eServices Private Limited
186, Udyog Vihar
Phase I, Gurgaon
Haryana – 122016 India

IBM Daksh Business Process Services Philippines Inc. Recruitment and Training Center (Closed)
3/F Edsa Central Pavillion
EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City Philippines

IBM Daksh Business Process Services Philippines Inc. (Closed)
G/F IARFA Building
Nicanor Reyes St. (Formerly Morayta)
Sampaloc Manila

Daksh eServices
13424, Bedford Avenue
Omaha, Nebraska 68164

Daksh eServices Private Limited
33 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10038

IBM Business Services (closed)
27/F Tower 2, The Enterprise Center (c/o REgus Offices)
6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas
Makati City Philippines

Daksh eServices
IBM Building
76/78 Upper Ground
Maildip 3PO1
South Bank, London SE1 9PZ
United Kingdom

For career opportunities, visit IBM Philippines Job Openings.


ohn says: I’ve read all the comments posted here, and one thing for sure, most of these people think management and the kind of leadership that makes a good company better, I think this is very common when top management who in fairness to them, have real good intentions in trying to make the company a great place to work are not able to see the real picture. But one thing is overlooked i guess….those people in the middle management strata…most of these people are really the culprits here..unless top management do something about this, a lot of growing resentment among the employees will continue to build and that is not good news to ibm,which has already built a name for itself globally….. word of advise to the so called team leaders, and operations managers…to become a good leader is not something you earn just because you were doing good when you were all still agents, it involves a lot of expertise and common human touch. study your position guys,it will help, and don’t put your positions into your head,that wont help.study how to become a good leader.read books..ok? goodluck.

Shevah says: My friend told me that this is one of the most beautiful and the largest company.And for me that is true,and because of that I want to work there. Because I want to experience how to be a call center agent.

well, i worked here. the incentives are good but management not good

Awesome place..one of the best place to work…you should join

The company IBM itself is BIG. Most of TLs don’t keep their words that they will give token of appreciation to their agents.

Agents work really hard but Most TLs and OMs take them for granted. How we wish IBM U.S.A. will know about this.

MR. DEEPAK KUMAR…. wake up!!!! most of your employees handling your agents are making IBM Daksh VERY VERY ugly. Defend your agents because they are the ones making IBM Daksh exist and don’t take your Agents for granted…. FOR GOD SAKE!!!!

very good no doubt it is no.1

reliable pantry service;food is great! friendly guards

lax work environment but management policies??. salry modification takes a century to process. eBay is the most stupid account i’ve ever handled. it’s system is always down, making work tedious! they base your performance on CSAT or customer satisfaction

dati enjoy pa q magwork sa ibm as a chat rep. kc pwede mag youtube o mag mp4. pwede rin mg friendster myspace hi 5 ym at kung anu-ano pa. e naun bawal na mp4 at nakafirewall na mga networking sites. inalis din ang volume controls ng mga pc.

I’ve been working here for 1 year now and this is the only workplace that I find where most of the people are very nice. Kahit marami ng restrictions sa production floor, masaya pa rin. Cool environment,wala masyadong pressure.

There’s no work place like IBM. At home kami dito. It’s simply the best!

can someone please tell me how much the salary here in IBM daksh?also allowances?do they still have email support? tnx

Magkano ba ang starting salary dyan?

is the IBM Daksh Commonwealth just a recruitment site? and the site in Mandaluyong just a recruitment and training site?

I work at sfly and its moving to commonwealth, so, no, THAT site isn’t just for recruitment. pretty good benefits, low basic. mgt sucks coz they let sprint take over our little room here and have us travel to the boondocks of commonwealth if we wanted to

if we wanted to keep our jobs

I love IBM daksh! Pwedeng makapasok college graduates and even high-school graduates. Wow! Adnd everybody’s in the same footing when inthe company. I’m really glad walang pulitika dito.. parang sa kindergarten class.. Daksh forever!

may i know how much the salary here?ilang percent Night dif? how about sa email and chat support. i heard lang kasi mababa ang salary dito pero di pa ako maniwala na ganun dahil this is a big company. someone answer me pls. thanks so much

please will someone tell me how much the compensation is here. im interested to apply here for email and chat support. thanks so much

May i know how much the salary for email/chat support? i am interested to apply for that position so i will very much appreciate your reply. tnx

Well sorry guys but WE don’t have that unfortunate experience/s w SYKES.. here’s y: Promotion is fast, raise given after a month, have the highest VL &SL credits in the industry: 20 each and BOTH convertible to cash (san ka pa?)

… medicard automatically, from the 1st day of training plng, NOT just free coffee, but free vendo pa (haha) and of course, the best theme parties ever..so san ka pa? SYKES na!

how much ang basic sa email/chat support?????

Yeah, mas maganda talaga sa SYKES!!!

Company that will surely give you growth and opportunities for professional development. Sure, there are some not so good people, but it’s not the fault of IBM if some have personal agendas.

bukas na ba yung sa commonwealth?

what is the application process and how much is the salary???

I’ved attended their training but the allowance wasn’t given as promise! They will be asking pa when did u attend the trainig? Haller!!! U guys have all the info! all you have to do is to check!.

What did u say?! HS Grads can be hired? I’ve tried applying once at IBM Daksh Commonwealth. There was this lady who interviewed me and gave me high praises for I pronounce words well as what se said and that n coz I know so many

IBM is the best company ever. I regret that I resigned.

the best company

I’m working here ryt now & so far so good ang treatment nla hir…i’m a tech support, I can only say mhrp ang account q, but its up 2 u if u’ll work very hard to get a high CSAT..its my 1st call center job so I’m grateful that IBM is my first call center

how to apply po im a fresh grad.. bs in computer science grad.

good company that has a few bad people. Many Team Leads and support staff in project ruby have resigned due to bad support/workload from agents have so many pay disputes from certain TLs.

They provide excellent training… the 30min lunch suck though…

i am working here in ibm for almost a year now. management is good ,is just up to you on how you perform as an agent, if you are an agent who’s looking for a avail mode/ or petics mode well this isnt the center for u! you CAN earn 30k or more every month

i want to work here!

Well ang saya dito!!! sobra bait!! lalo na si Ivy BELLO! THE BEST TRAINER na sd and TL OJT pa… the best… sobrang saya~!!!

I’m one of the pioneer for IBM-Daksh (PBCom Makati) way back 2004. The original management group are great pero noong nawala si Jojo noong 2006 lahat ng magagaling na manager at supervisor nag alisan na din and I’m sad to hear negative comments about the

The salary depends if you have exp or not, if you’re a newbie, then most probably you’ll earn around P15k (package na un). I’m based here in Commonwealth, and all I can say is there are loopholes, but, loopholes can be found in every callcenter, right? Wh

i have work in a call center there in the phils, now im here in the mid-east working for a telecoms company, well, policy-wise, callcenters in the phils are way stricter, though technology wise medyo huli jan sa atin, here where i work, ang luwag and ang

I used to work for IBM Daksh. WHile working there i thought it was great. Ngayon ko lang na-prove it ‘s not. I resigned last February. It’s already June and i still havent received my last pay. It’s true it’s nice to work there kasi mababait lahat ng agen

Hello HR dept, our regularization contract still pending!???!! we need money even though its only 1k raise, that would make a difference.some of our team mates did not have any raise even dey already signed the contract..

ok naman dito sa Daksh …. friendly people kahit hindi mo ka wave ngingitian ka and will answer your questions. Kaloka lang dahil walang back pay nung nag resign ako, 1 yr and 4 mos ako dun…last salary at leave credits lang daw!!!! Eto pa nung i check

ok naman yung IBM for one thing the people or your co-agents are ok. ibm do stand for quality for the account that you work for… in terms of salary dati dami nilang incentives for their agents pero ngayon parang onti na lang yung visible. and also mapul

bkit gnon, kharap q na yng mg-iintrview tpos sabi s akin wait 4 my call & we’ll do d interview over d phone. bkit ayaw nila mg-intrview ng harapan, laging over d Avaya phone?

Is one the lowest. That is the rating you deserve.Deploy somebody in your HR who knows how to evaluate the right candidate for you CSRs.

I am an IBM-Daksh employee and assigned at Concorde (frequent flyer program), in my 6 months what can I say is the way

IBM is a nice company, however, dont expect too much from this company when it comes to its leaders. They are not pro-agent. That is their way of getting a promotion

i’m currently working at IBM Daksh. All i can say is Daksh is a nice CO. HR is very strick w/ grammar and pronounciation. You will undergo Strategic training if you have a potential. You will go directly to Voice and Accent training if you pass d final

We used to have avail time of 2hrs in my acct during offpeak season. In peak season we have a lot of calls waiting. We have good TL’s but they already resigned. TL’s here are very strict in the acct policies. Sad to say they already reduced number of agen

pros-incentives,gud working envt,active hr &emp relations,nice pantry w/flat tvs &gmeconsoles,increase aftr reg, con-a bit low starting basic to sum it up, i had a wonderful working exp here! love ibm & i miss it..

Sa lahat ng mga Bitter sa IBM manigas kayo at mamatay kayo sa inggit! Hinding hindi ko toh ipagpapalit sa iba

Nver pa ako nakaranas ng discrepancy sa sweldo dito sa IBM, kc chinecheck ko web time ko.

Ok dito sa IBM, they compensate you base on ur experience, nag demand ako ng asking salary ko sa interview at binigay kc based yan sa experience

kc marunong mag acknowlegde IBM ng kung magkano ba market value mo..di ka babaratin..ng ma regular ako, tumaas pa lalo salary ko not to mention yearly increase

Im in a tech support account, uk based so midshift, may shuttle kame pauwi, fixed weekend off, fixed sked rin mon to fri..di masyado queing depende sa araw..san ka pa!

IBM can never be compared to other col ctrs, they know how to compensate u, no salary descrep unlike sa ACS

Im proud to be IBMer!

The best OM ng account namin na c Maynard..sobrang bait, pati si Boss PJ, yung iba lang sa leadership and support hindi ok pero may action ang hr pag nagreklamo ka..di tulad sa ibang col ctrs..

13K basic pay d2, kung may xperience k!…hello and they usually hire newly grads kc may mbba offer s knila…

To IBM USA please see to it that your management in OBM Daksh Phil are pro-agents.

IBM Daksh is the best BPO company 🙂

i used to be a proud ibmer.. hndi n ngayon badtrip management e baba pa ng pay.. lipat nlang tyo Apac.. dmi pretty grls dun

Yes, IBM Daksh was the best BPO, but not now anymore… because theny never valued the pioneers and they have resigned…now they have TLs that has poor people management skills. Tsk Tsk

Im in a tech support account, uk based so midshift, may shuttle kame pauwi, fixed weekend off, fixed sked rin mon to fri..SAAN ‘TO?, COMMOWEALTH BA?

one good thing is that you’d learn a lot…kasi almost every month me training ka for other department within the account…master mo yung account mo.. yun nga lang medyo hilo ka naman 🙂 working atmosphere is the best…

ibm is the best!

ok nman sa ibm kaya lng cross cut sila ngayon hay…

It was Okay when the guys from india were in charge.. But when they started hiring pinoys from the Outside to manage, that’s where the problem started. especially those who don’t know the process and makes decisions based on mumbo jumbo metrics That they

Best Account = eBay iba iba opinyon lang but i enjoy working for ebay..the management is great, and i like my OM Alyce she listens to you and understands, she tries to be flexible to our needs

how much pay dito? tnx.

I workd here,i had fun during d trng days w/michael caballero’s class.magaling ang trng..d uso petiks.friendly mga tao & approachable.

i like working for IBM Daksh, the benefits are good, ok pa rin sya kahit medyo cost cutting… someone mentioned Alyce Ermita – best OM in my opinion

Okay naman sa IBM! Sa eBay ako na assign. So far okay naman management. Gusto ko si Alyce Ermita…okay siya na OM. Gusto ko yung stack ranking system and monthly RnR

Okay naman working environment. ok din incentives. kaya lang pag dating sa basic salary titipirin ka talaga nila. para sakin… IBM…

If you are a WF, you will earn a lot here.

Ok sana IBM pero wala na yung fave boss ko – SOM Jay Allauigan. Ito ang da best

IBm? datii sobrang ganda dto, dali ng work bsta dali lng sundan workflow. kso ngyn parang nagpplit lng ng dmit kung magplit ng policies and kailanagan mo sumunod agad kung hndi bagsak metrics mo..

A former SYKES TL has just promotes as OM here. I hope she’s better that the previous OMs. I’m resigned though coz of lousy TLs.


well this is a good company when it comes to some benifits like health card, and other policies…but the salary is just relatively lower compared to other companies..then the management is not that good when I was there. But then again it’s subjective.

I was an IBMr. I visited IBM Daksh in Pavilion and confirmed that Armie Dominguez has resigned. Well, shes’s one of the TL with n mngment skills. Good decisin IBM Daksh for letting her resign.

To: IBM Daksh HR. Please if you hire GUARDS please be sure that they have a high GMRC or better hire college graduates atleast they have taken Professional Ethics subjects.

IBM Daksh Is a good company but not the Operation Manager specially the one that is assigned with the APPLE Inc., accounts, That manager only “CARE” about his site CSAT he does not care about the agents there!

offer sa csr is 14k. sa tsr 16k.

For future applicants & for reference as well: IBM Daksh gives a fiar amount of salary though the team leads & operations managers only consider themselves when they talk about metrics in comparison to other sites.

I agree, im with another call center already and im happy that I’ve Been Moved! Some of the tl’s don’t know of their own product. They don’t know it but majority of the iphone agents are laughing their ass off because of their leaders most especialy, thei

ang tanung ko lang weh may INTERNET connection ba ditu or madming forums sites ang blocked?

In fairness when i started sa IBM it was ok.. hindi ko nga napansin ung months as it pass -by lalu na with the ruby account.. At first msaya ang mga agents kaya performing ung buong account pero as time goes by.. let say lumbas ung tunay na kulay ng mga b

Please don’t attempt to apply to the Apple account in IBM Daksh.. Esp. for iphone LOB because their OM really sucks!! Promise!

In fairness when i started sa IBM it was ok.. hindi ko nga napansin ung months as it pass -by lalu na with the ruby account.. At first msaya ang mga agents kaya performing ung buong account pero as time goes by.. let say lumbas ung tunay na kulay

Matindi na talaga ang iphone account. Pati pa naman ang mga support dahang-dahang inililipat o di kaya ay napilitang lumipat. Paano naman kc ang OM di marunong. Kaya pala and executive na ng Apple ang mismong nagmanage sa account para ma check nila kung m

Alam ba ni Error na sa ibang account ng IBM, cation na ang word na ginagamit pag may ginawang mistake o error ang staff? This is to commemorate the mismanagement he did in Apple iphone.

Kung may dilikadesa pa ang OM ng Apple iphone, magresign na siya. Hindi na siya nahiya lahat ng top performer ng iphone nagreresign na dahil sa kanya.

i’m so disappointed with IBM, how come they haven’t notice that all those good agents is going out of the company. so it means only errol and those follower will take the calls for RUBY IPHONE.

ibalik niyo daksh basketball league!

Kung walang skills whatsover yung om ng iphone at na promote siya, Thats just means that the guys who promoted put him in that position is doesn’t have the skills and credibility as well. It’s just simple syllogism.

I hate to say this pero IBM daksh has poor managemet, deserving people are just being ignored and non performing stays on top, dito uso ang acting TL, pabago pago pa ang metrics, yung sweldo ko = nlng sa sweldo ko 2 years ago ang liit

In the early years of IBM Daksh, agents were promoted to Leads who does not even know how to communicate in English and even Tagalog profesionally or properly.


Nagtangal si Error dahil daw mababa ang cust satisfaction. ngayon, after 3months lang, maghihire siya ulit ng 2 batch kasi ang reason daw ang queue daw ng iphone andami!!! so magtrain siya ulit ng bagong agents. tapos bababa nanaman ang cust satisfaction.

Hahahahahaha!!!! Error Caution! MAHIYA KA NAMAN!!! clearly you don’t deserve your position, you don’t even deserve to be a leader!!! Iphone is better off, with a DOG as an operations manager than you. Your agents even wonder why you are an OM.

Hahahahahaha! ang may kasalanan nga is yung nagpromote kay error kasi kung ganun ka hung-hang si Error, mas hung-hang yung nagpromote sa kanya. kaya thanks to the management, iphone is the most hung-hang na account sa IBM.

I guess this person who made this comment has not used his brain well to think that being placed in a higher position doesnt just require you to be able to communicate in english fluently, but also has to have the leadership skills that I think this

I’m sure that even if they will not work for IBM Daksh anymore, they will still get into a higher position and have a career growth unlike some people I know who are near the retiring age and whoa! Still sweating real hard to earn bucks to send their

For this unknown creature and for those who were not there during the time of Larchung Toitak, let me tell you that the screening process was not easy. They have to undergo several interviews that OF COURSE, have to be communicated in english.

IBM Daksh used to be a good place to work for. At this time, I am not really sure. It’s sad that IBM Daksh has employed this person who only used one sixteenth of his brain before writing this comment. Oh wait! Im not sure if this person has brains!

i applied but didn’t get the job, the reason? asking salary is too high for entry level. Hello? 20K yung sinabi ko, tumawad sila, ginawa kong 18K. nag ok yung babae tapos di rin pala pwede.

IBM Daksh.. where the team managers and coaches uses the iphone for their personal use.. not for agents’ laboratory use..

dun sa huling ng comment. thanks. i was wondering kung bakit hindi ako tinanggap… ang ganda ng interview ko and pasaho lahat ng exams… apparently, they can’t afford me… grrr… kakagigil kasi pinaglakad pa ako ng papers tas wala rin pala.

IBM Daksh is the best call center ever, imagine, 17k as your basic pay, just the basic, and it will increase by 2k provided you are performing well after 6 months,, incentive per month raised up to the max of 2100 with metrics which is really not that har

IBM is a great company, parang extension ng school ang work environment dito… sayang i quit my job after 2 1/2 years nakakapgod ang byahe ang layo ng location sana magkaroon ng IBM dito banda sa muntinlupa… ngayon ang hirap mag hanap ng work sa katula

i applied and i passed i have a job offer na but the thing is wala pa daw vacant position as tsr baka june pa daw.they available position available in libis kaso malayo from where i live.sabi tawagan na lang daw ako sana totoo.

ibm is a good company.. well depending on the account na mapupuntahan mo.. meron silang apollo na na account.. and there is only one word to describe that account.. overworked ang mga tao!! ang onti ng incentives at bago mo makuha

Pinaka poging agent Jayson Sañol! Kilala nyo un? Crush ko yun!

Jayson Sañol pinaka gwapong agent ng IBM crush ka namin!

I’m working at IBM eBay account kakatamad masarap lang pag morning shift ka. Jayson Sañol pinaka gwapong agent dito crush ko un!

Hi, I am working at IBM Daksh until today and I am thankful that I got this job I love the agents here the compensation is not that big, but I can still say that IBM is a great place to work and enhance my skills. There is a guy here named Jayson Sa.

Lipat na lang kayo sa Stream o kaya sa Startek.

I heard Nathaniel Ching has been promoted as QA then now the acting TL of Half.com? I hope this is true. I worki with this guy, he is great TL.

as per experience, SYKES is the best. TL’s are good. High GMRC, unlike my past job with IBM. So disaapointing especially mga TLs na poor mngement skills.

I started here at IBM right after i graduated from college…my basic salary was 12k as a beginner… ok nmn ung incentives…but as time goes by… nararamdaman ko na tinitipid k n ng company… ung mga incentive either nawla n or bumababa na…..sometim

DS, where is our PBC rating salary increase? don’t tell us, palugi na IBM. kahit 300.00 pwede nang pagtiyagahan! ano ba yan kakahiya! hmpt!

IBM is the great place to be…nice TL nice team mates, nice trainor and a hot and beautiful girlfriend what more could you ask for apply na…

i applied here for a non-voice account, i passed 1st stage. 2nd stage, oral assessment–here lies the problem. interviewer promised to email result, but 1 week now–still NO email!!

grabe IBM daksh, gusto nla puro receive di man lang mgbigay ng extra incentives sa mga agents nla ESP sa CPU Ruby account. mhrap na nga mbenta, wla pa dagdag sa shod dis year?? wlang KWENTA IBM

the staffs are great!!

*IBM issues refurbished headsets to newly hired agents but if the serial# doesn’t match or was unintentionally tampered, agents will be charged full amount of headset worth P5,500 but they will still get the headset probably to be issued to new agents, obviously they are earning by doing this.

okay sana sa apple, kaso management sucks.

i agree with some of the comments here… like with the newbies that are not able to hit IR are being laid off… but its okey… they have to learn… learn fast… and the hard way… but all in all the company is great! just pray for good superiors… Goodluck! –Sunflower


Ang hindi ko maintindihan e bakit Ruby management is keeping OM and TLs na nakikita naman ng lahat na walang ginagawa, patulog tulog, tamad, nandadaya, palaging absent, at kung ano ano pa. Dalawa lang yan eh: sobrang mahal ng management ang mga TLs at OM na to kaya hindi nila matanggal tanggal or ayaw tanggalin; or sobrang alang pakialam ang management sa ano mang iisipin ng mga agents nila dahil ala rin sila pakialam sa mga agents basta negosyo is negosyo. Well, sabagay ganun din naman talaga, mahirapan na ang mga agents basta kumikita ang account ala na pakialam ang management. Swerte na lang talaga sila may mga agents at ibang TLs na kelangan ng trabaho kya may mga tao pa rin silang nagtatrabaho nang maayos, na nde rin nmn nila binibigyan ng tamang importansya. Tsktsk!

IBM DAKSH needs to change their strategy or else they will lose a lot of tenured employees..they are telling employees that they earned this last quarter & the results?? decrease in incentives, no increase of salary this year..IBM DAKSH

I wanted to raise an issue regarding the hiring procedure of band 4 agents of eBay account for project engine. teh closure of eBay has brought us to various oppurtunity to work with other accounts. Project Engine was an account that hires band 5 agents. That means all agents by function must be a band 5 already to be able to join the account. Band 4 however was given the chance to join project engine. So a sked of interview was set. The on-site interview was set on July 12 here in eBay floor, in Pavilion Mall. Engine sent TL Des (Desiree) together with a guy (an AM of the project). During the interview, it has come to our attention that Desiree was a former lead here in ebay account. After the interview, we found out that majority of the short listed band 4 agents came from her previous team here in eBay. They are mostly her former agents. Integrity issue has arised sinced many agents has the same common complains. Complain: 1. Prior to the sked on-site interview, there has been already eBay band 4 agents who has already interviewed in PBCOM site. And they were all inlcuded in the list. 2. Des came to ebay floor and did the interview and majority of the short listed band 4 agents was here former agents and close friends. 3. How is it that project engine sends former eBay lead to do the interview with eBay agents for the band 4 to band 5 transfer? 4. Agents interviewed by Desiree seems already pre-selected. She interviewed almost all her team mates and it’s hadr to believe proper interview has been employed. What we believe is that former Lead-Agent relationship has been employes in the interview. 5. OM and TL’s are already aware of this complain but no action was ever taken to question the integrity of the hiring. Where si teh BCG that we have certified? It seems useless.

Band 4 agents who passed the interview for Engine were eligible. You do not know them personally, they are top performers…I guess you just can’t accept the fact that you failed…Bitter never succeed..

I do not agree that all those selected to be in Engine are top performers plus let’s be clear on this, being a top performer in eBay is different when you are gauging a person to be in Engine. it’s like comparing an Apple to an Orange. They may be top performers in eBay but their skills is not for Engine.

LATEST! Mwwla na ang Daksh. Pure IBM na ang hhwak cguro by next yr. Lilipat na fr0m pbcom to mckinley taguig by july2011. I love sunfl0wer! Pak sa sales!

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    meron po bang nakakaalam dito ng kahit unting details lang ng partnership ng IBM and San Miguel Information Technology Services, Inc. (SMITS, Inc.)? need ko lang po for our benchmarking.. Thanks!

  2. joy marie fragata Reply

    hope i can pass my pre visor test tomorrow,,,wish me luck guys!!

  3. 13/02/01

    how much is the salary for healthcare acct with no experience?

  4. sunshine Reply

    In fairness, maganda ang IBM. Especially this year. They provide better benefits like medicine and reading glass reimbursements.

  5. 15/06/10

    Looking for centers for a new campaign I have available min. 10 seats for a SEO company just located there main office here in the philippines, $50 per sale, please contact me if you may have a interest.

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