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iBwave Solutions

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iBwave is a company that focuses on creating solutions to aid wireless operators, system integrators and equipment manufacturers – basically anyone who has a venture in the network. The company brings strong and reliable voice and data wireless communications for its clients for profitability.

Established in 2003, the company was built to sustain the need of simplifying the design for in-building wireless network. iBwave was one of the first to identify the need for integrated software to accelerate indoor system design, and the company was also the first to accept the challenge of developing it. Clients soon came and decided to have confidence on the company’s first product which was designed and developed by its team of highly talented innovators and has now become the company’s flagship – iBwave Design.

The firm is committed to make itself become the reference when it comes to the in-building value chain through improving the company’s portfolio of software and supporting these tools with highly exceptional professional services. In addition to this, the company also supports all of the wireless technologies these days, and has its eyes firmly on those that will be established in the future.

iBwave’s customers attempt to provide the full value of both voice and data networks indoors for two main reasons: for revenue generation and also a base of satisfied subscribers. The company offers software and professional services that are being utilized by almost over 700 leading telecom operators around the world, system integrators and equipment manufacturer in 83 countries.

The company helps its clients to understand and acknowledge the full value of wireless voice and data networks, improve competitiveness by enhancing user experience, decrease churn and produce revenue by means of data applications to keep ARPU. The firm has an in-building design solution that will improve the capital expenditure and allow the network to achieve its full potential.

iBwave ius made up of highly qualified and exceptionally skilled engineers, business visionaries and experts in technology. It also has a team of service professionals that would guide and support its clients and customers. The leaders in the company are veterans when it comes to in-building wireless technology, and these people lives in the vision that inspires the company to keep its place being in the cutting edge in the field. It is therefore great to be working alongside these talented people, who are driven by passion to do their best when it comes to technology innovation.

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