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iConnect Convergence Inc. or iCONN for short is a business process outsourcing company that specializes in customer service and relationship management consulting and outsourcing business. A subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation, the largest broadcasting company in the Philippines, iConnect Convergence Inc. or iCONN specifically provides technical and non-technical customer service and relationship management functions, like directory and information assistance, sales generation, order-taking, telecollection, cross-selling, up-selling, telemarketing for the end objective of promoting and advertising products and services, requests and inquiries handling, sales fulfillment and payment facilitation, whether for ABS CBN or for other clients. This included programs, TV shows, campaigns and other services that relates to the programs of ABS CBN.

iConnect Convergence Inc. or iCONN is designed to provide supreme and matchless customer experience by developing and intensifying superior relationships with customers and eventually allowing them feel like a true family relevative or “Kapamilya” in all channels and interactions that it serves.

In order to achieve this, iConnect Convergence Inc. or iCONN advocates and maintains the values of personal approach, simplicity, reliability, caring and fun and consistency in all its endeavours. The company commits itself in providing personal and sincere service that creates enduring relationship with the customer by know and understanding them at a deeper level. Simplicity pertains to allowing customer experience, enjoy and attain their needs with as little effort as possible. Reliability is consistently providing services and making channels accessible and available anytime and anywhere. Reliability is important during the most pressing times in their life such as during stormy weather in which communications are most needed. To truly feel being a kapamilya, all interaction opportunities with the customer is designed to make them feel important, happy and contended as the services of ABS CBN is designed to make people happy. Finally, consistency pertains to allowing customers feel being a part of the ABS-CBN family.

iConnect Convergence or ABS-CBN iConnect Convergence call center office address:

  • iConnect Quezon City
    Sgt. E.A. Esguerra Ave. cor. Mother Ignacia St.
    Quezon City, Philippines

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